Everything is immortal. [replicated in eternity - in some way]


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i hope you can take some ideas from this :)

Everything is immortal. [replicated in eternity - in some way]
  1. if we could take screenshots of every moment in time, this would reflect our world upon the heavens, our whole lives would be like a film and that film would be represented in the heavens as realms of eternity [kinda like parallel universes?]. It the 'as above so below' thing again, we build a pyramid on earth and it instantly exists in its eternal form. Then the twist comes... our pyramid was already there to begin with, yet would not have been if we hadn't built it! Each period in history is represented by its own realm in eternity, just as different historical times are not segregated nor are the realms of eternity, I do feel that the realms are more focused on the period and culture though.
  2. It is said that, elyseum traverses time in the opposite direction to the physical universe, hence moves from chaos towards order and not vice versa. We can imagine this as like a wheel with different time zones in its sections, each corresponding to its earthly counterpart. The motion would be kind of like the wheel is doing the moonwalk, as it would be running concurrent with our time yet in the opposite direction within its own time frame.
  3. This 'level' of eternity is the 'attached' level, eternity itself has its own kind of time and rules, yet has to be affected by the physical universe, whereby each is a relative mirror of one another.
  4. Times slide-rule. Our life history has already occurred as it passes by – so to say, our entire histories exist in various levels of eternity, yet only touches in the 'now' region of our time. The progression and development of the soul is ultimately predetermined, yet this cannot be manifest in the universe until the story of your life has been played out due to causality etc.
  5. The 'humanative' is a principle [i developed] by which evolution is ‘pre-set’ to arrive at humanity! it is an idea that there is 'universal human nature' e.g. intelligent beings throughout the universe would develop human like features & or high intelligence & ethics + religion. All creatures, plants, stars & planet types would also have a pre-destined nature! The whole 'tree' of histories and evolutions would thence be within the womb and the heart of eternity – of the great mother! Our future demands that the past reaches it, its pyramid must be built!
  6. We immortals. Nothing actually dies! On an earthly level there is just a transformation of molecules that in one instance represent life and in another death, like the humble yeast can be dried then water added and it is 'alive'. On a spiritual level, there is only a continuance from occupying one entity then the next. The 'soul' itself – here the term is used to represent the continuing entity that traverses bodies and environments – gathers its harvest from life, yet the inner most nature of it does not change, as all things have an unchangeable core i.e. The heart, surrounded by transient natures. Why is this so? Firstly define or visualise the end product of existence i.e. The whole. Even if there is no end to the physical universe as it is a circle, the whole must still exist as its own entity [the void]. I find the best way to understand what it is, is to imagine nothing else bar it, hence 'the end' shows the beginning and middle amongst things i.e. Whatever its nature is, it is omni-present and the innermost nature of all things. This then is the core by which all transient natures revolve. Continuance is achieved in that everything we are is part of the universal entity, it is a reaper and sower! Because we are part of 'it', all of our elements are collected and transferred by its 'mechanism' like if you copied your computers hard disk over to another pc. So every event in time, every cell, molecule and particle is mirrored in some way within eternity!
  7. The human soul. you don't come into being until the requirements of your nature are met, in this sense we are not evolved from monkeys only our biological form is! Now if we imagine that this nature has to be met because our natures exist in eternity, then we have a 'historical directive' to which we as individuals and humanity must evolve. The collective of this is the humanative [as above], where each and every being has there own universal entity, kind of like 'life in waiting' – so to say. Our aspect of this is our 'immortal soul' is the very 'you' that is eternal. The tricky part is that the humanative and all other universal natures don't exist until arrived at, then they have always existed, then because we exist we must be arrived at, in this way the future forms the shape of the past. All of this complex mess is only in one's understanding of it, when actually we need to observe 'it' from an extramundane perspective, as if all the ingredients already exist to begin with and those ingredients are then spread across time!
  8. The universal elevator. In order for there to be movement between things, there must be a universal entity and realm by which entities may pass from one place to the next. The orb realms are what i believe is this realm, they are mentioned in many cultures from around the world and through history as intermediate realms of existence. The realm of purple orbs has zillions of spheres, flowing in streams and in all directions, each 'containing' an individual or entity travelling between worlds. The orb is actually a part of the soul's universal form, it holds all of who we are at any time alongside our 'atom-self' which is the complete set of natures in our composition.
Here's a couple of images i done to at least give some kind of impression of the realm of purple orbs, of course they in no way express the sheer size and depth of the realm, nor the motions, i have not added the images of the people i know there [and in other realms] and i havent made it too realistic as it may have an 'effect' when trancing on the image. It is very much a thought universe as it is full of mind – this doesn't make it 'all in the mind' though, except perhaps in the infinite mindscape [where if our minds can think of the infinite then that mind is infinite].



Thats enough to digest for now, in simpler terms i imagine the whole thing as a self synchronising machine where everything slots into its relative position. Moreover everything ultimately is eternal.

thanx all :)
How about, a living machine? _Z_, will this work with, "In Him we live and move and have our being?"
(You have described exactly what I believe, as an esotericist, btw. :))


Hi taj,

as a fellow esotericist i am glad you understand the underlying meaning! :) A 'living machine' is quite apt i think, although this of course doesn't even touch the vastness of the 'synchronicity' involved – even such terms themselves seam a million miles away from a proper explanation.



image i meant to post instead of the above

thanx 'flow'

You'll find images in the tibetan book of the dead etc, but these are deified and of a particular culture, whereas i wanted the images not to be – so as to show the universality – even alien life uses the universal elevator, how ever crazy that sounds. Strangely we seam to be kept from other cultures and beings when we enter?
I would like to add that i met three girls there in the realm – as i was coming out of a dream i was also coming out of that place, which i had entered in a vision some months earlier. It all seamed so normal there and people communicate mind to mind without effort or confusion, it seams like there is a universal translator in there, i feel that we just add our own linguistics on top of the pure thought to understand in our own language.

there is cirtainly a flow ;) about eternity eh! the 'persona spheres' flow in all directions and in impossibly long streams of orbs.

I have always found it to be interesting that only two ancient cultures had a "Book of the Dead". The Tibetan and the Egyptian cultures. Why do you believe that this coincidence exists, or do you wonder if it is a coincidence at all ?

Three girls eh ? Sounds like fun. Were they feeding you grapes or dates as you reclined on a couch ? If so then you were in paradise. The images you describe were featured in a film of the 80's called Dreamscape or Brainstorm. I can never remember the title. It was Natalie Wood's last film before she died under mysterious circumstances. Beautiful woman ! You might wish to rent it and watch it. Christopher Walken was in it also.

Really enjoyed your images. They did look molecular or astronomical, but the very large and the very small tend to look similar IMHO.

I think that language will function, if we choose or feel the need, but it is very much like episodes of Star Trek, where you see a Vulcan communicating with a new telepathic species in non-spoken terms. For the benefit of the TV audience, we seem to be hearing their conversation in English (or some given language), but in actuality, perhaps it's truly telepathic! (pure thought & emotion, to pure thought & emotion)

Speaking of other species, I believe that we are generally introduced only to other people, or perhaps inspirational forces/presences with whom & which we are comfortable. But people of other evolutions do visit (even reside on) the Earth, via the realms you speak of, _Z_. In my own experience, contact has been limited, but I think there are people who know these other beings well. They know them, of course, as the beautiful presences which they essentially are, and not all of these visitors are capable, or desirous, of extending themselves into physical space.

I also think that on many of the occasions when they do manifest, they are only capable of expressing themselves according to the karma, and/or material limitations & equivalents, of our planet and evolution. So in many cases, what we see are simply representations, but they in no way reflect the greater reality ... say in terms of beauty, grace, quickness of motion, skill-in-action, or overall harmony of being. The interaction, or communcation, between some inhabitatants (or occupants) of the non-physical worlds is a marvel unto itself.

If it were the cosmos, or the inner workings of a man's mind who put great effort into expressing his personal dreams, I'd say ok. Ink splots and watermarks on water based paint on poster paper isn't exactly my idea of immortality.

In fact I consider it "cheap" or "cheating ourselves" of the truth.

But then, what do I know? :eek:


Quahom1 said:
But then, what do I know? :eek:


In this case, in the very least, I'd have to say, EXACTLY. Maybe if you bothered to read? Inquire? Meditate? Retreat into prayer and ask your Lord? Stop judging others? Bother looking into the findings of your own military? Get over the hangup about US military intelligence (I know, an oxymoron) ... findings? To wit, a tremendous number of military sightings (of "Visitors," physically or partially physicall manifest) are made BY officers, often Navy men (and women)? Yeah yeah, I know, Q, you're with the Coast Guard.

Blind faith is cheating ourselves of the truth. Exploring the inner realms, and/or the far-off worlds ... is to open ourselves to truth. Try it, Mikey, you might like it.

What's truly cheap, is the cheap shot you just took by judging someone's artwork, and depiction of direct experience. Isn't it interesting how you are unimpressed, while others find a depth of meaning, and can perceive something of the ideas being discussed via the artwork?

All we see are 2 dimensions, yet the 4th-dimensional reality being depicted shows through fairly well. If you don't agree, Q, you can simply say, "I don't see it." But to you, it's "cheap" and we're "cheating ourselves." sighhhh ...

The upper portion of the first image, suggests something to me of the Deva Raja, or Deva Lord, Kshiti, the Angelic Being Who ensouls all of the physical plane. In Catholicism there is a correspondence to Zadkiel (I think, or maybe it's Uriel), and thus also to Uranus and to the 7th Ray. Or, one might also consider the violet devas, the healing devas of the physical ethers. This is also not unlike contemplating the great Presence which ensouls all of Space, corresponding to the Holy Spirit, as well as to the Mother (Isis, Astarte, or the Virgin Mary). Oh, my bad, I must just be cheating myself to see such correspondences ... how silly of me. :rolleyes:


Hi flow,

the books of the dead exist in many cultures as e.g. The Egyptian book of the dead is a collection of funerary rites, of which i think all cultures had, its just that these two cultures put them together as books. The interesting thing is that in both books there are so many similarities that it is uncanny e.g. They both describe the deceased as traveling up colored beams of light to realms of orbs of different colour, and they both have a judgement of the dead section – just to name a couple of similarities.

Unfortunately the girls were not feeding me grapes, :p they were simply people i knew over there – somehow. There was also a man there and perhaps many more, as i only got a sneaky glimpse as i came out of it – ha i distinctly remember to this day the surprised look on there faces as i became humanly conscious of them. :D I am sure that they are also people i have since met in this world and that one is my wife and another from a previous relationship, which makes me wonder; are we all there already? Well eternity is kinda timeless so i presume so! this earthly existence is but a blip. I feel that the place where the orb realm goes to is our eternal home.

I don't know the film, but obviously it's a familiar theme. Hmm i think I'll google it – thanx!

The second image came first i then created and added some fractals to try and emulate the 'flow', one needs to imagine it all moving in streams of orbs, i think the images are quite poor in terms of accuracy, I'll try to create some more when i get time, and include visions of primordial spirits, and a staircase to the heavens – would you believe.[which grew before me - so i think it was produced for effect] Sometimes transition to the otherworlds are simply achieved via tunnels or lights – such things are simply vehicles!
Glad you enjoyed the images. :)

Taj, hi

i agree, language is very superficial, the fact is [if i may] that there is not actually any division between souls, thus communications are instant and direct as if we are speaking directly in the ear but moreso [closer still]. I would postulate that it is more than telepathic as perhaps telepathy is the very same communication yet encumbered by our physical form! More like a phone or something.

Yes i agree about other species, and i feel we also see - or are guided to see - what we already know in some way, this would 'naturally' disclude aliens etc. once more, its a case of like-attracts-like, or like-perceives-like.

But people of other evolutions do visit (even reside on) the Earth, via the realms you speak of, _Z_.

interesting! Is this like the seven earths thing, where the earth exists on different planes of existence? Or do you mean extra terrestrials? If so according to a clairvoyant i met recently, i am an alien soul reborn in human form – so you are talking to one :D i am not sure if its true because it is too fantastical and i like to be rational, but i do find i have a different consciousness – this may be to do with other spiritual factors though. She also said i have a black and gold aura [the black is like a speckely crystal], and my guide holds a sphere with all the info in eternity coming out of it like sparkstreams - so ask the right questions and you'll see the magic eh! :)

The interaction, or communcation, between some inhabitatants (or occupants) of the non-physical worlds is a marvel unto itself.

I can imagine it is indeed. I remember reading about other earths, as described i think by mayans and toltecs, and there is a curious 'alien-like creature' in the Egyptian book of the dead.

Fascinating – thanx


hi, if i get you right then i agree the images are incredibly cheap, it's like if i done a drawing of god as a white light image of an old man who's hair and beard flowed into infinity [;) ] – this would be doing god [or at least Amun lol] a mighty disservice. 'Imagine seeing a mountain that raises itself beyond the sky, and a valley that reaches beyond the eye' [good one eh!] then times it by the largest amount you can think of – this then would be a tiny pixel of the true image.

some peoples eyes are closed to such things, it may be necessary for their religion, although i don't see why anyone would close themselves off. For what my word is worth, the images are most sincere – its just impossible to draw because it is not simply three dimensional, e.g. some of the far away aspects/objects seamed near or even behind me.

thanx again all :)