Cosmic views of our "neighborhood"


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Baha'u'llah revealed well over a hundred years ago that there were other worlds orbiting the suns of our galaxy.

I found this NASA site recently that shows a 3-D graphic visualization of our neighborhood with stars having planets...

"Know that every fixed star hath its own planets and every planet its own creatures whose number no man can compute." - Baha'u'llah.

.. We may not be sure yet about the creatures but the hundreds of worlds or planets have already been discovered in our "neighborhood".

- Art

arthra said:
"Know that every fixed star hath its own planets and every planet its own creatures whose number no man can compute." - Baha'u'llah.
the issue I would have is with the two every's.
Good point Wil!

A couple of observations ... what is called a planet is open to a wide interpretation these days as you may know and what is life or "living creatures" is also a pretty wide area in my view.

So the future will tell.

Hope you enjoyed the NASA site.

- Art
The NASA site is incredible. And as for creatures and life forms public television had a great one last night on the intelligence of dolphins, and cuttlefish and octupus...the amount of brain function required to replicate the various colors and textures that an octupus interesting...
Esoteric teachings also, certainly in contemporary times, since H.P. Blavatsky's Secret Doctrine, have indicated that darn-near every star you see in the Heavens (including ours) is the outward expression of a living, loving, wise & intelligent Being. Adopting Christian terminology, this being is usually called a Solar Logos, but sometimes just called a Solar Lord, which is a bit more universal.

There are then typically seven planetary spirits, or Planetary Logoi, which are the Seven Elohim of Judaism, or the Seven Spirits Before the Throne of Christian Revelation. Earth does not figure in, when it comes to these seven, since we are a lesser, or younger evolution - what H.P. Blavatsky termed a non-sacred planet. Notice, however, that of the seven Sacred planets, NONE, according to contemporary science supports life! Mars, a fellow NON-sacred planet, is the only one about which we have really speculated along these lines, and not surprisingly, for its non-sacred status puts it very much on par with the Earth.

What distinguishes the Sacred planets from the non-sacred, is that on the former, unnecessary suffering, and the tendency to live out of harmony with the Divine Plan, has been overcome. Thus Earth is transitioning to the status of a Sacred planet, and when it reaches this condition on a global scale, things will be much more like Baha'u'llah indicated. [Venus, as an example, has nearly completed her Evolution!]

But again, look at the 7 Sacred Planets of esoteric teachings: Vulcan, Venus, Saturn, Mercury, Jupiter, Neptune and Uranus. Of these, one is not even registered anymore by astronomers (!), although Herschel perceived it, with the naked eye, through his own telescope. This account, of course, has been explained away by science, as has the ether. But Vulcan (an intra-Mercurial planet), and the ether, certainly exist! Neither, as it turns out, has to do with Star Trek and Mr. Spock. :rolleyes:

As for the evolutions of these 7 Sacred planets, not all are at the same stage, but NONE, to the best of my awareness, has a physical Humanity at present. We are told that Jupiter is not inhabited, but that its moons ARE. And then again, we also find reference to an underground portion of our own Humanity, here on Earth, which has existed in various recesses ever since the times of Atlantis. But have many, or any, of us ever yet had contact with them? And if not, then how do we know that this is just science fiction? lol

Sorry to wander, but I guess I'm just suggesting that our interpretations of `Humanity,' and evolution, are quite limited and skewed, if understandably so. We tend to anthropomorphize. So even to move beyond geocentrism, while a step forward, is really just a small step, and the larger steps which mankind must take, and one day SOON, have nothing to do with the moon, but EVERYTHING to do with the connections already existing here within our Solar System, as well as with the dozens (scores???) of other Humanities currently here to lend a hand.

They have now been witnessed by thousands of sane people worldwide, probably millions. Often, these visitors have traveled and arrived in purely spiritual, or considerably non-physical and non-temporal realms. Thus, in some cases, to even express themselves physically, they are forced to take on the very limiting appearances and forms that our Solar and Planetary karma, and conditions, will allow. No wonder some people are frightened, because the physical appearance of these beings is quite different from us to start with, much more so when they appear to us here!

But other visitors do appear as humans, more or less, and these are easier to encounter, and they are encountered, more often then we might think, I suspect. Others still are purely spiritual and will remain so, although they help out just as much - even more so - than those who have traveled in ships, or who are capable of manifesting directly. I'd say that, even amassing ALL the currently available knowledge, and stripping away the 95% or so which is bunk, misinformation, or disinformation, we have still only glimpsed the tip of the iceberg.

Add to that the esoteric teaching that is available on the subject, and one may at least get the framework, but the most significant portion of the details are still missing. The only reason this has begun to make sense to me, after several years, is that I've put some of the pieces together, tried to build a framework of understanding, and use a bit of intuition ... and I STILL have far more questions than answers! :p

The future society, and conditions of Earth, both politically and religiously speaking, as described by Baha'u'llah and other forward-looking individuals, Messengers, or Prophets, will certainly only come about through a cooperation - increasingly and on a worldwide scale - with the Wise Teachers of our own Humanity, yet also in cooperation with those emissaries and volunteers from dozens of other Humanities, and this is obviously utterly dependent on the bulk of society ... as far as expediency, and the degree to which much of the world must suffer as we WAIT for the various leaders to demonstrate a bit of maturity and to get over their collective greed, power-tripping & war-mongering.

But back to the esoteric teaching, yes, every single star is the focus or expression, in the physical world, of a being, who stands in evolutionary status to His constituent planets, much as these planets stand to the average member of Earth Humanity. In other words, to the Planetaries, both "Sacred" and non-sacred, the Solar Logos is essentially a `God,' just as for Humanity, the Elohim (Prajapatis, Dhyanis, etc.) were & are `Gods.'

Some stars, such as Sirius, which is the Cosmic Christ relative to our System, do NOT maintain planets - either visible or invisible. Rather, they are the MOST ADVANCED of all the Solar Logoi, and they are essentially synthesizing Presences, which means that they reap the product of Solar Evolutions, just as our Solar Lord reaps the fruits of His Seven Sacred (and non-sacred) Planetary Evolutions, which kind of puts earth's little humanity pretty far down on the scale in the "great chain of being!"

Within our own Solar System, Saturn, Neptune, and Uranus are three such synthesizing schemes, so that they correspond - in some ways - to Sirius, but on a vastly smaller scale. Earth, to an extent, is the protege, or younger brother of Saturn ... and YHWH, or Jehovah, the tribal deity of Judaism, was/is Saturn. Interestingly, the Father, acknowledged by the Christ and taught to the Apostles, was not Saturn, but VENUS - or at least, was/is represented by Venus. Even so, it is a case of one Advanced entity speaking for, or expressing the Will & Purpose of an even Greater One, much as Christ was able to do this for us relative to `the Father.'

Again, sorry to meander from a more Baha'i-centered discussion of the topic; I just think there's a lot of overlap with what Baha'u'llah was telling us, with the view that many Baha'is hold, and with the understanding that a lot of esotericists have. I'm really horrible at esoteric astrology and seeing these various (planetary & cosmic) relationships, but Alice Bailey's books talk a great deal about it, from the standpoint of energies - and not so much interaction with other evolutions per se, much less specific representatives thereof. Still, I think part of my point was that we tend to focus on the physical (a bit too much), and we end up looking to create other Humanities or civilizations in our own image - rather than seeing what & who is already out there. Understandable? Yes. But terribly shortsighted. :eek:

Still, Close Encounters, and the entire episode at the end, I have read, is supposedly pretty much just an account of an event that did occur, at Hollomon Air Force Base, sometime in the late 60s or 70s. No way to verify, but I like to think - yes, that's entirely possible. :)

Love and Light,

Hello Taijasi and welcome!

Taijasi wrote:

"Sorry to wander, but I guess I'm just suggesting that our interpretations of `Humanity,' and evolution, are quite limited and skewed, if understandably so."

I can accept that! Thanks for the post...

Just as a point of information, Abdul-Baha and later Martha Root and probably other Baha'is have given speeches at Theosophy programs ...this would be for Abdul-Baha around 1912 and for Martha Root in the twenties...

Here's a brief response from a book Abdul-Baha in London:

Question.—(It was remarked, Theosophy teaches that truth in all the religions is the same): Does the task of unifying all religions have ‘Abdu’l-Bahá’s sympathy?


Question.—Can ‘Abdu’l-Bahá suggest any lines on which it could best be worked out?

Answer.—Search for truth. Seek the realities in all religions. Put aside all superstitions. Many of us do not realize the Reality of all Religions.