Things have Changed

Quahom1 said:
I see that you have "burdens" you can't carry by yourself. Before, you seem to have figured you could carry your own "knapsack" of issues, while you "followed" Jesus' foot steps (followed behind Him as He made the path for you). So, I must conclude that your "burdens" in your "knapsack" that you carry while you try to follow God (Jesus') footsteps, has been slowing you down, due to the heaviness? And I conclude that your "knapsack" recently got a whole lot heavier, yet you haven't had time to adjust, grow accustomed to, or just plain realize you can't carry it any longer.

So, you look up and "damn, Jesus is gone!" And you got a bit shaken up...?

Yes, before I wasn't concerned with salvation; I just wanted to follow him. But, things change in life, and I found myself in a place where my burdens became overwhelming. I then realized that I couldn't do it on my own, and at the same time, I also remembered what many Christians have said about recieving the gift of salvation...That I must first believe. In that respect, yes, I guess I "looked up", and it seemed Jesus was gone.

Plus, you still have doubts about salvation, so of course Jesus isn't going to give you a hand, or guidance, or do anything but leave you with your burden (because you don't quite fit the "mold" of a saved Christian) and perhaps for a moment you looked ahead and there were no more "foot prints" ahead of you...does that about sum it up? There are no more foot prints ahead of you, but the ones behind you now look twice as deep as they once were...

Dude, Jesus isn't gone, just look behind you. Who do you think is holding most of the weight of that "knapsack"? Who is holding you up? ;)

I've always liked that "Foot Prints in The Sand" analogy, but I have rarely been in situations where it could be applied to my life. Wait, that's not true; there have been many times when I thought I couldn't take another step.

He isn't asking anything of you right now, but to Trust Him. In fact, He offers you a trade on the path there. He'll take your "knapsack" if you will take His, for His is so much lighter. The you BOTH can move forward together, at an easier pace.

He doesn't care what the details you perceive of His beating death. He simply asks that you believe He did, and that He can help you. You don't have to change your heart...He'll take care of that in both of yours' good time. This is a personal relationship with Jesus you are entering in, which means Jesus will reveal to you what you need, when you need it, as long as you are willing. But He forces nothing on anyone, ever. And no one else can dictate how that relationship is supposed to develop.

There is no cookie cutter pattern that brings a man closer to God (follow 1-14 and voila you are with God).

I do believe he beat death, and if that is good enough, then I'm ready to make that first step. And if there is no cookie cutter pattern to follow, I guess it must become a "personal" endeavor, which is probably what God wants anyway. :)

Your last question (original) "Is it possible to be saved"? The rest was a set of self detractors and exception clauses, hence not significant to the original point of the question...and the answer is Yes. As you are, where you are, right this instant.

You say, "Jesus, take me as I am, doubts and all." Jesus says, "Wouldn't have it any other way." (with a beaming grin). Then get ready for the ride of your life... :eek: :D :D :D :)

God Speed.



I'm so glad you see it this way, Quahom. The Prerequisite's were certainly keeping a lost sheep (Me) from the shepherd (Jesus).

Thanks, man!

Much Love,