Sufi- Dances for Universal Peace


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a figment of your imagination
I don't know where the Sufi fit here.

Especially the branch that started Dances for Universal Peace which lead more to mystical interfaith than just mystical Islam.

Anyhow, does anyone else dance?

They are chant and movement celebrating the connection with source in a variety of languages and religions...quite the experience...

I danced one dance last winter....about 8 one night last summer....5 when we brought a dance leader in training to church during our interfaith exploration...and now we are going to have them as regulars for our Wednesday evening service/meditation...

If you haven't ever attended, I highly recommend finding a dance...

And if you have, I'd love to hear of your experience.
Labyrinth building...

First note, we are now dancing every third wednesday...2 cool.

Second note last night I 'built' my first labyrinth!

Actually built it exactly reverse of this...each path 3-6" wide (a little over a meter) I rounded the corners and expanded the center into the round corners. We used blue painter's tape on a hardwood floor. Took 3 1/4 rolls of tape and about 1-1/2 hours for two people. Will be faster next time.

Did it in preparation for our interfaith service and day of prayer...10 different clergy coming from a variety of religions...the most we've got in one room since we started five years ago...should be wonderful.

I want to build a permanent one...