Hello to all the non Muslims & Salaam to all the Muslims,

I'm a Muslim girl (age is of no importance here) and I joined this forum because I love discussing my faith (respectfully, for nothing can be achieved otherwise.) As you can see by the meaning of my username (truth of certainty), I believe in Islam to the furthest extent. Not blindly, or because I was taught to do so, but because I base my conclusions on facts. I know some of you might already be thinking "...typical religious person" but I do (at least I hope I do) speak logically. I try to avoid saying "because so-and-so said this, it's true" and I like to think for myself. Who doesn't, I guess. I can never be able to describe my love for Islam in words, because that would imply that words are enough. It's just an amazing way of life, and I can talk about it for hours.

I look forward to posting here.

Kind regards

Welcome to CR. As you'll discover soon enough many of us here love to talk of their beliefs without end. Talk with you soon I trust.