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I'm going to write an article for a magazine over here in Taiwan, the theme for the article is beauty. So I wanted to ask you guys what ideas you have about beauty.
Answers, both long and short, covering any perspective of beauty are very welcome.

Thank you
Hey Cav:
Always happy to help out another writer. There's another thread started by Thomas that addresses classical views of the concept of soul that will give you some hints to an approach that might make sense. It revolves around the concept of what is at our center.

Beauty is an emotional trigger that cuts to the very depths of what we are as humans. It evokes our longing for union with it, it wants us into its realms of perfection. It gives us the impetus to transcend the ordinary and mundane and enter into states of ecstacy through involvement with its appearances. And it is the single implied set of experiences in our lives that most resembles sexual and emotional fulfillment.

I believe that the phenopmenon of beauty has much to do with desire since it has that ability to entrap and enfold our essence...our soul... and we do not resist the process. In its presence we voluntarily lose our sense of self and surrender to it without protest. The tricky part of beauty is that it is in the eye of the beholder, and there are as many different standards of beauty as there are beholders. Many can agree that sunsets, sunrises, and flowers are beautiful. But many might disagree about the beauty of a particluar Playboy centerfold. It all depends upon where one is coming from IMO.

Hope this helps...flow....:cool:
Hi Cavalier,

From another view;

Beauty is the light of clarity when all things are in balance.
In totality. Here and now. This moment. Completeness.

- c -
Hi Cavalier,

From another view;

Beauty is the light of clarity when all things are in balance.
In totality. Here and now. This moment. Completeness.

- c -
Ya know the old saying Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...

It truly speaks volumes...perception...where you are at at this moment determines what you see as beautiful.

And I don't just mean financially or physically or spiritually...

But where is your vibration, the altitude of your attitude. This determines whether your view of beauty is limited or expansive.
Well, beauty can be ugly, or at least an it can be both on different layers perhaps?
I'm thinking of polarities, the typical example the elephant man, outer ugliness creates inner beauty.:rolleyes:

As for absolute beauty just look at me:D
Hi cav and all--

My experience is that when I let go of society's preconceived notions about the nature of beauty, I see beauty in places I might not have before. And it's amazing--it is all around, and inside and out.


I believe that your experience as stated here has something to do with retaining an ability to see the world around us as though through the eyes of a child. This seemed to be Jesus' take on it all.

Some days...moments...I can still do that. Much of the time it is something that I must fully concentrate upon in order for it to happen for me.

Thanks for the replies, it gives me more to think about.
If anyone has anything else, please feel free.