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I find that every church and mosque are different. I have never been in a synagogue. The sect, denomination, or even religion though just helps group some of the topics and customs that a person might find there. Some of my 'one ummah' friends might disagree, but I've been to a few and they are different based on the leadership there.

So, I'm on the road and looking for something new. This weekend I'm in Dallas and might travel as far as 5 hours away (OKC). Does anyone know of an interesting church to attend? In some parts of Dallas there seems to be a church every block. Which is fine I guess but the competition must be fierce. Usually it is a row of every denomination. I can't think of the street I was on but it was near Love field.

For mosques or Islamic centers there are websites that catalogue them. Whatever city I'm in I can find one. I have never been in a synagogue. I'm still green with the many churches though... if anyone has a recommend I'll attend. I was going to drive up to Topeka and give the WBC hell... but it is 7 hours out so I'll save that for a future weekend.

If the sermons are not noteworthy, lets compare the interior. I find the pews in the mosques are totally lacking but the architecture is something to look at. Despite all denial I often find common attributes like a crescent, two towers, wall in the correct alignment, and 8-point architecture. The church I am used to is split down the middle with the organ, pipes, and choir on the left side and sermon on the right. I'm NOT in the mood for a 4-square church right now though... call me a wimp but my arms get tired.
I guess I'm looking for a thread of recommends for the traveller. I get around the USA pretty fast and would prefer to seek out those recommended by readers here. Beautiful interior... knowledgable Imam or scholar... hippest preacher... best sounding choir... oldest church. Whatever, I'm in the mood for something new and unusual. Travelling the world is a little outside my budget and time availability but give it a good sell and I'll be sure to attend someday.
The Washington DC area is loaded with amazing churches and temples. But I've found that in many big cities.. I wouldn't miss the Bahai, Hindu and Bhuddist temples on this trip of yours either, some amazing structures, and decorations and statuary.

I think one of the most disapponting for me is the church in Sedona Arizona, embedded into the mountain, seen from afar or in pictures is incredible...going to it, and in it, not so for me. National Cathedral and Bascilica on the other Do tell if you are in the DC area on your excursion.