What are Unity's distinctive characteris- tics?

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    What are Unity's distinctive characteris- tics?

    Unity students are encouraged to align with the spirit of the Christ
    within for personal guidance and direction that will best enhance their
    spiritual growth.

    The Unity ministry provides a safe and sacred space for study,
    participation, fellowship, support, transformation and awakening to the joy of
    living in God's world. Each Unity ministry is sup- ported by the
    freewill offerings of those who share its vision.

    Unity affirms the freedom of each individual to advance spiritually
    according to his or her own level of understanding.

    Respect for and faith in the spirit of God in every person makes it
    unnecessary to set down fixed creeds or impose limiting beliefs.

    Each individual is encouraged to follow the Unity teachings in
    determining personal responses in his or her life.

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    I think this is the big item. You need doesn't teach one what to believe, but allows them to seek for themselves.

    Its roots are in metaphysical interpretation of the bible and following in Jesus's footsteps. The Fillmore's had no intention of starting a church, they had midweek bible study and expected everyone to utilize it to enhance their own religious experience at their own churches.

    Even today most Unity churches make very little attempt at encouraging membership, nor do they insist you not remain a member of the church you came from.

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