What's behind door #3 ?

Doomsday reports over the years have dulled our ability to listen to anything imho.

I found it interesting at the end of the global warming cover up article the first additional link was As for the marine life, we are gonna be veggies eventually...only the elite will be eating meat and fish. I think the bigger worry is what exactly will happen to water when there is no ecosystem in place to clean it. As the balance is completely upset and we lose the algae and plankton eaters...as the crustaceans which are our scavengers cleaning the dump on the bottom disappear, we'll be in a muck real quick....

In the 60's they told us we would run out of oil by the 90's our consumption is much larger and the problem much worse and each decade since the drop dead run out of oil rate has increased by two decades...at this rate we'll never run out.

But I do have a concern for the environment, and once it actually starts costing us we'll do something...currently our tree huggers are touting nukes, which they derided for the past four decades...we put up wind farms as requested and killed tens of thousands of migratory birds, we put up solar collectors and created heat sinks and eye sores that no one wants.... We have a population explosion but no one wants to talk abstenence to teenagers or sterilization

tis all so complicated...
Yeah...I wasn't so concerned about the availability of swordfish steaks in my local market or bluefin tuna for sushi delights, but like you I am really concerned by the mega disruptions in the chains of life that this sort of thing implies. G-d was so good at linking the threads of life over the millenia so that all living beings were served equitably and well...but we are really screwing the web of life up way beyond recovery while we're still around IMHO.

Time to start looking for another world to screw-up mebbe...? I'd be among the first to volunteer if they didn't automatically exclude older fat guys, which they probably would.

we are gonna be veggies eventually...

I am confident there will always be something to kill and eat... Heck I wouldn't give up meat... Would resort to humans if it got that bad :)

But ok you have the "science versions" of THE END IS NIGH!! AGGGH :O

But what about alllll the religious claims that have all failed?

In 2006 err Janurary? James kingsley predicted there would be like an earthquake storm near LA and it would happen around midnight lasting for 2 hours.... and they would be called "the big one....."

In 2006 May Eric Julien of the Exolpolitics institute, predict the end by comet and that it was cause a 750 ft? Tidal wave...

I think in June we aslo had people/groups believing 06/06/06 was thee kick off for rapture and the start of a tribulation...

That was all meant to happen this year....

I don't dare go back in time cause there are thousands more.....
September 08 The Lords witnesses and True bible code predict that.. a nuke will hit the UN plaza in manhattan. And this will be the start of the end... but remembering these groups also said in 2001 around september that the UN would take over the world and a world wide famine would come and kill all......

Also sep 12. The "house of yahweh" said that a nuke war would begin? was meant to start around the euphrates river or something.... The war began apparently with the signing of the "Oslo accords" in 1993... Saying the book of daniel states that this is the seven year agreement but would take.... 14 years to be carried out.... hmm interesting..

Michael Drsoin predicts in his book "bible code II" that this code in the bible clearly states a danger in modern times speaking of an atomic holocaust and a world war... and the both are apparently said to happen in 2006... well best hurry up times running out.

Annie Stanton predicts that a 14.4 mile wide comet will hit the earth sometime in 2006.... and then the arrival of a 1000 year reign of jesus.

In the Sunday times.. (a newspaper here in England) A religious group called "the family" Predict 2006 is the end and are said to be stockpiling supplies water food in a cave in India...

Another one I like, Thomas chase predicted that itwould all end when the population was at 6.66 billion.... Saying the bible shows the war of armageddon is in 1999..

How can all these people be so wrong? But all getting their predictions from the same sources.... :|

Anyway I could seriously go on.. I have about another 30? Religious predictions of the end of the world here in 2006.... and millions more for future years.. I am sure they will all turn into failure too.
Er...17th...this isn't "end is nigh" religious bilge, it's quality science speaking to us all.

Now I'll admit that some dunderheads try to ignore serious science until it sneaks up behind them and smacks a two by four up side their heads every so often...some of them even become leaders in society...but scientists are serious and dedicated people doing serious work. And if more of us had been paying attention to their research findings the past thirty years or so we wouldn't be in quite the position that we are in...contempleting the future total loss of vast swaths of life forms on the planet.

Yep...you'll probably still be able to find meat to eat...they make great fungus-based faux meat these days...but stay away from the spinal cords and brains of your fellow humans. The natives of New Guinea developed brain wasting disease (Kuru) by consuming same and didn't know why they kept walking into big trees until it was too late for them.

On second thought you should acquire a copy of the film, Soylent Green, and watch it at least ten times.

I feel as if most of the "science" and the "religious" theory most of the time the same... How can we be truly sure because a prof has done some studies and is sure this or that will happen, that it will indeed happen? Also being religious people yourselves I grow with curiosity, do you take the word of the scientist over the bible or do you think they are both in some way "merged"?

"The natives of New Guinea developed brain wasting disease (Kuru) by consuming same and didn't know why they kept walking into big trees until it was too late for them."

I'll stick to the limbs then.... oh and ribs... mmm yummy.
You can't 'be sure' about anything. The point is that people who know a heck of a lot about these things are saying that this is an issue. And it's not like it's counterintuitive.

Addressing the science/religion thing, in this example, they are not to be considered the same. Quality science, being a material phenomena, can be trusted to verify and predict material things. Biblical 'prophesy' created by some guy and his unique interpretations is not at all the same either in methodology, theory or - as we have been shown time and time again and as you pointed out - success rate.