Dutch Burkhas

From the BBC article:
Other forms of face coverings, such as veils, and crash helmets with visors that obscure the face, would also be covered by a ban.
Crash helmets with face visors banned? How do you keep the bugs out of your teeth? :D

But there are thought to be fewer than 100 women who choose to wear the burqa, a traditional Islamic form of dress.
Out of everyone who lives in there there are fewer than 100 who choose to wear it? {shakes head}

Here's the story from my local newspaper.
Dutch government proposes ban on veils
Check out this exerpt:
In the Netherlands, policies associated with the nationalist fringe in 2002 have been co-opted by the center: holding asylum-seekers in detention centers, more muscle for the police and intelligence services, and visa examinations that require would-be immigrants to watch videos of homosexuals kissing and of topless women on the beach.
I said:
A bit nuts?
After checking out the visa examination requirements in conjunction with this proposed ban, I would have to they are nuttier than a fruitcake, IMHO.
I used to be a clown...(alright hold your comments)

One of the things I found amazing was working the Easter Egg Roll on the Whitehouse lawn.

Dogs, metal detectors, high security, you are wandering around with heads of state, the secret service is on high alert with this many people running around the lawn and the President coming out to say hello (since Clinton it was moved off the lawn and onto the ellipse (outside the fence and guards)).

But we'd stand in queue to be searched and allowed in. I'd hold up my license next to my completely painted clown face, and bald wig...with the amount of makeup and putty facial recognition software of today would have issues identifying me....'Go on through...next'

So while I can understand the burka issue with identification and such...the reality is there haven't been that many folks robbing banks or bombing in burkas yet. I thought my experience at a secure place like the White House was always funny...I can see where if someone's religion says they wear the clothing...that sort of comes to a slight hiccup at a security check, or traffic stop.
Sorry, wil--I'm getting a visual....:)

Some of my best friends have been clowns (no, really).

Do they have Santa at the White House? I can see all the little elves with their badges, going past the security check with Rudolph and his techno-nose: "Sir, you'll have to turn that off while on the White House grounds."

(Sorry, Brian, for going off track a bit.)

Clowns...ECCCCHHHHHH ! Except of course for you, wil.

I loved the Mel Brooks film, high anxiety. I still love it because all we have to do these days is pay attention to the news to appreciate the ridiculous situation that we have put ourselves into simply through our collective reactions to fear inducement.

Looking to our leadership, even in liberalized civilizations such as the Netherlands, does not allow one to escape because they're as reactive to unseen and misunderstood threats as we are...probably even more so since the wealthy and powerful always feel more insecure and threatened than the commoners do. But the real problem these days is the almost instantaneous spreading of that fear through media channels.

The burqa is a symbol of something to be feared, especially so because it hides something which is familiar to us in western society and hides it from our view in totality when it comes to those who choose to wear it. We have been convinced of this by the repetition of the media chants that alternate the concept and imageries of Islam with terrorism and extremeism, when in actuality the overwhelming majority of muslims are peaceloving and hard working human beings just like we are. They, like us, just fervently wish to be left alone to live our lives in peace.

I for one refuse to participate in the cycle of fear and this belief in symbolism that is supposed to represent it. If the government of the Netherlands were smart they would adopt the same attitude. That's not to say that there are not bad muslims just as there are bad members of the Dutch Reformed Church, such as those who perpetuated aparteid in S. Africa. But there is really nowhere to turn for real perspectives in all this these days it seems. And that's the REAL Problem !

I agree with the previous post. In the seventies England suffered a sustained terrorism campaign by the IRA. There was quite a lot of damage to property and some people got killed. I was at an exhibition in London when a bomb went off. There was a brief and uncanny silence, then people started talking again as before.

Apart from the unlucky ones who got caught in the blast, there was no permanent damage - or even threat - to the country. What politicians are now proposing poses a far greater threat to our freedom and security than the bombs ever did. If they have their way we won't be able to take a walk, drive a car, take out cash, go to the doctor, without being spied on by beaurocrats. And the reason for the burkha ban is simply so the face recognition software will work.

Is this the sort of world we want? It's not what I want.
Virtual_Cliff said:
And the reason for the burkha ban is simply so the face recognition software will work.

Is this the sort of world we want? It's not what I want.
The mechanized, automated Police State has no conscience...