Was Jesus perfect?


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Something that's been on my mind lately is that a lot of people seem to think that Jesus was perfect. Perfect in what way? To me, if he was perfect, he would have been able to find a way to convince his Enemies that His way was the truth. Also, I read about Eastern Gurus laying on a bed of nails and having someone break something over their stomach with a sledgehammer and none of the nails penetrate their skin. I would think that someone that could change water to wine, bread to fish, calm storms, walk on water, and raise 3 people from the dead (not including Himself) would be able to stop someone from hammering nails into His hands and feet. If Eastern Monks can do it, why couldn't Jesus?

Now, don't get me wrong, I place Jesus on the same shelf as Einstein and Hawking and Sigmond Freud and other great minds of Humanity, but this just sets off my BS sense when I hear someone say He was perfect.


Namaste Rev,

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Ok this is Abrahamic. In Islamic and Judaism I think they would say he was a man, a prophet, it was a time of prophets after all. In Christianity, the trinity after all, he is G-d, was born G-d, and made no mistakes, I think perfect in a perfect representation of G-d on earth....but regarding your comments of solving all the problems...there would be concise biblical, scriptural reasoning for him not to do that.

Now if we were over on the liberal Christianity board I would have a lot more to say. I'm interested in the moniker Rev, which band of Christians trained you to think this way and how do you keep your flock from going astray with such notions?
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he was perfect in that he was free from blemish (sin), therefore he was the perfect sacrifice from god for the salvation of our sins. he was perfect in that he spoke only perfect truth which was a direct mirror image of god.
Ok, that makes more sense, BlaznFattyz.

I WISH I was perfect.


Yes he was perfect in the sense that he was without sin.
Yes he could have changed alot of things but he knew what was going to happen and why it had to happen the way it did.