I disagree. As a Father, would he not be concerned when one of His children makes the wrong choices? Would He not try to correct that child? I know if my kids got into some kind of trouble, I would try to help them, but I would also take measures to see that it doesn't happen again.

As a father, if I can grieve for my children and see the wisdom in correction, how much more does the Father of Lights grieve for us and move to correct us?

Don't you think the Spirit is grieved when we make the wrong choices? Don't you ever feel that in your heart? I declare to you that there are times when I've done something wrong with little thought that it was wrong only to realize later under the conviction of the Holy Spirit that what I did was wrong. And only when i repented of it, did that sense of rightness return. God is active in our growth.

I have known the sense of fear, a wild maddening fear, but God's love was the lifeline that helped me through. I'm sure that it was God who sent the fear and I got what I asked for - it did change me, for the better.

I once knew someone who was converted by a hellfire sermon. She later learned to love and trust God, but the fear never went away. She was loving but nervous and suffered from eczema. I wish I could have helped her to stop being so fearful.

I just saw your last post. Maybe you will see mine when you hopefully return.

There is an great deal of information to consider on these boards, and I know from experience that it can indeed overwhelm at times. Sometimes a break can be helpful.

I hope that you will come back and post again. Even though you and I have not spoken directly very much, I do run across your posts now and then, and the poetry you offered touched my heart, and I want you to know I still think of it quite often.