Accusations Against the Baha`i Administration in India

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Topic is about the situation in India as reported, and how the case - if any - unravels.

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Questions are never offensive, Kiwi. Genuine questions, anyway. Have you looked at Imran's website? Please, do, then judge if his questions are genuine.


"How is the Bab the Mahdi of Islam" Is this a genuine question or not?
But dont discuss it here for fear of hijacking this thread!

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Neither was compiled until years after Their deaths.


The Quran were present at the time of the Prophet (as). It was compiled and made into the present day Quran as we see it today after the lifetime of the Prophet.

Quran was revealed over 23 years. The Prophet identified each and every verse and indicated its position in the Chapters. The Chapters were not compiled by own own whims - they were done by the Prophet.

Bruce, can we take up this topic in any other thread? Please, I request you in earnest, please discuss only the accusations in India here or we will be accused of hijacking the thread.

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