The Secret?

Hi Dondi,

Yes, I have seen the film. I do find it be positive in its message though definitley bound to be ragged on by many. The Law Of Attraction has been taught for many years by people like Ernest Holmes (Science of Mind 1938, This Thing Called You 1948) Joel Goldsmith(A Parenthesis In Eternity 1963) Emma Curtis Hopkins, Raymond Holliwell and many others like Emmet Fox and Norman vincent Peale. You can even find traces of these ideas influenceing people like Bill Wilson (founder of AA) Many Christians adhere to ideas similar to this as you may have heard of Abundance teachings in some congregations. Even Joel Osteen teaches similar ideas from a Christian perspective.

I do think there is much to explore in Jesus' teaching about "As a Man Thinketh" Though personally I am fond of Joel Goldsmith's idea that to "Know God aright" is what can lead to health, abundance and well-being. Joel taught that material gains, health gains, relationship gains are the "added things" that come in to our lives when we seek God for God's sake.

Many people I know use these ideas, many of my friends do and seem to do quite well with them.


You'll also find in the film..Esther Hicks who channels Abraham.

The law of attraction is called prayer in some circles.

It goes along the lines of your father already knows.

And it is only for you to prepare the space for your good to arrive.