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Oregon, USA
Hello everyone,

I am an Objectivist Christian. Quite often two concepts that don't mix well (and from what I've seen usually end up on opposite ends of a battle).

I strongly beleive in using reason and rational thought and viewing things objectively rather than subjectively. As such I beleive in Jesus Christ and the teachings of him based on my rational thought and reason.

I am at odd ends with many of Christian denominations (and offshoots) and for a good long while was debating whether or not I would call myself a "Christian".

In the end I would be empowering those I disagree with if I were to deny a title that so obviously fits me (considering I follow the teachings of Jesus Christ).

I've browsed some of these forums and found them to be amazing civil. I really am very impressed with the attitudes I have seen. I've been to both Objectivism boards and Christian boards and more often than not have been strong-armed out of conversations due to people not wanting to talk with others that don't blindly agree with what they do.

I am Lead Documentation Engineer at GarageGames. We develop and publish games and game engines. Programming being an integral part of my daily life causes me to use logic to solve problems every day.

I also live in Eugene, OR (in case their are any other locals here) :)
Welcome Matt--

Not sure I am sure what all you said there, but maybe something to do with logic and spirituality...


Namaste Matt,

Objectivist Christian...I'd like to hear what your objective is.

Welcome, this is quite the place, we have our tiffs, and while I miss many that couldn't stay for one reason or another...I really enjoy all that are here.
Thank you for the warm welcome... read the code of conduct and found them to be very adequate. Sounds like the r ules a re there to keep things civil, though not to shackle down anyone.


Thanks for the warm welcome as well :) The "Objectivist" is not really in reference to having an "objective" (the noun) but pertaining to the word "objective" (the adjective). The noun means:

"omething that one's efforts or actions are intended to attain or accomplish; purpose; goal; target"

While the adjective means (here are two definitions from dictionary.com):

"not influenced by personal feelings, interpretations, or prejudice; based on facts; unbiased"

"being the object of perception or thought; belonging to the object of thought rather than to the thinking subject (opposed to SUBJECTIVE)."

Objectivism is a philosophy... definition of objectivist and objectivism(that applies to my use):

"Philosophy One of several doctrines holding that all reality is objective and external to the mind and that knowledge is reliably based on observed objects and events."

Figured some basic definitions from a dictionary would describe it better than I could to start out :)

Objectivism was founded by Ayn Rand. One of the core beleifs is using reason and rational thought to understand reality. The philosophy also is based around bettering yourself and focusing on yourself to progress yourself.

I mentioned that Christianity and Objectivism don't mix together often. Ayn Rand disliked religions very much and often spoke devoutely against Christianity (and any other organized religion).

I, on the other hand, strongly beleive in Christianity. Though in a similar wawy to Ayn Rand I dislike most organized relegions, even the one called "Christianity". I am a Christian in the core meaning of the word, a following of the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Considering my beleifs most Objectivists disregard me right off (failing to heed Ayn Rands words to think for themselves) and many Christians either know Ayn Rand and practically hiss at the support of her ideals, or don't know about her at all.

Sorry this ended up being a bit lengthy, just figured I'd relate more of what "Objectivist Christian" means :)
Welcome Matt.

From what I've read of your posts so far, I find kinship with your approach, though I never thought of the term Objective Christian, by your definition. But for me, I had to go back and re-evaluate just what it was I grew up believing in a fundamentalist Christian church. It is easy to just "accept" without question the teachings of a particular denomination at such an early age. But I did some major stripping down of my belief system and practically started from scratch. I really wanted to approach the bible from an "objective" point of view. The approach I took was a decidedly Jewish one, for I felt that the teachings of Jesus and His disciples would not be fully realized unless one had a Jewish perspective, rather than the conventional "Gentile" brand of Christianity that we are familar with in churches today. This opened up a whole new world for me, particularly in regard to Jesus' teachings.

Anyway, I hope you find these forums stimulating and insightful as you continue your journey. You'll find yourself in some really bizarre discussions.

Love, grace, and peace,