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Atheist's heaven

if there is a god as such, then surely a good god of love would not mind if we are atheists, given that we are peaceful and try to better ourselves by whatever means.

What though if 'god' is nothing like how we currently consider him, he may be something far more vast and sophisticated or even extremely simple, he too may also think religion is somewhat constrained and limiting, although necessary for ancient civilisations throughout the universe.

we grow towards ourselves; death is perhaps not an experience of separation, within ourselves we simply transform into our higher self, we do not ever get broken i.e. From an external perspective it would appear that we leave the body and venture on to heaven/nirvana/the intermediate states, yet in reality there is no dualism we don't leave anything we simply transform and the world changes accordingly!
If then we do grow towards ourselves, life is a journey of transformation – of finding ourselves, the higher self is that what we are in our most advanced form.
From birth we continually grow and develop as we also do in an evolutionary context, yet this higher self appears to be within us, it answers our questions and provides us with truths, inspiration and invention as we continue on our journey. We could think of this as our own inner deity, whilst people like Jesus and the Buddha are merely exemplifications of beings whom are closer to there higher self.

So do we need god and religious teachers, or should we simply look into ourselves to find truth? Consider this; how can one understand another's truth if it is not already within us? I cannot see how there can be a god in the traditional context as whenever we describe him we undo him, so maybe there is simply us – the higher complete self and reality in all its forms [eternal and physical etc]. There is imo a base entity [or non-entity] that is the essence of all life irrespective of form, we cannot for example say that only humans have spirit and soul, these natures must be universal if at all, thence everything from the simplest life-forms to the more complex must have spirit equally. On another level evolution provides spirit with an advancement of form and nature,
this provides beings which ever more complex natures with which to experience. As with anything there is an ultimate form to which it evolves e.g. A basic combustion engine will reach its pinnacle in design relative to advancements in materials and our scientific understanding of how they work most efficiently. I am not talking about perfection here as this is rarely reached, one thing will lead to another and a new engine will be found. As for the human soul, perhaps humans are as advanced as we need to be on this plane of existence, then once we die and fully grow into our higher self there is no need for further advancement we are simply 'there' and may utilise our form and nature most proficiently.


1. life school for higher beings – that we may 'realise' ourselves and the interaction between existences in readiness for eternity?
B. perhaps existence is there to literally create souls/higher beings/completed form?

2. does the end result have an effect on transformations that lead up to it? Almost like magnetism on potentiality; think of it like this... if the universe occurred then came to an end, its result would exist in the mist of timelessness. If you then go back to the big bang, the higher entity of the universe would remain as it was at the end, because it would not be bound to its original physicality. Similarly would our higher selves be so!

Thus we have a duel paradoxical theme running through time and existence, the higher self on both an individual and universal scale.

So who needs religion god and the prophets? Well we all need tutors of some kind, and life itself is the best one in my opinion. But should we be careful, as when we believe and follow a particular leader one seams to become more and more like them, loosing our individuality somewhat.

Well i like to offer alternative ways to truth, so note that this thread was originally conceived for a forum of mainly atheists, and I have been searching for a philosophy that adheres to no religion or specific path, yet excepts from all.

Atheist's heaven

I cannot see how there can be a god in the traditional context as whenever we describe him we undo him, .

Great post Z, I especially like this line. :)

Originally Posted by _Z_
Atheist's heaven

I cannot see how there can be a god in the traditional context as whenever we describe him we undo him, .

Great post Z, I especially like this line. :)


Ditto Z,

with Metta,
Hello _Z, why do you describe yourself as an atheist, you sound more like an agnostic to me.
Just curious.