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  • My Mother Was Right and it Ticks Me Off

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  • My Mother Was Right and it Agravates Me

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  • My Mother Was Right and it Annoys Me

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  • My Mother Was Right and it Pisses Me Off

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  • Do you have a story that would be worth sharing?

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a figment of your imagination
alright a question for my friends here...

I'm trying to title a book so it develops interest and intrigue, makes someone take it off the shelves and decide to buy it for themselves or as a gift.

Now obviously content is King...but word of mouth interest and as we all judge books by covers something has to make them take it off the shelf.

And then the same title which got you to pick it up may be to objectionable for you to give it to someone else for fear of what they think of the title.

So if you'd pick your two favorites, it would be help to me.

Oh, content, it'll be 101 true short stories about something our mother (or other authority figure) said to us, which we ignored and now wish we didn't. Advice which we wish we had heeded earlier....

Any thoughts are welcome.
Hi wil:

Whenever i'm with a set of parents and their nine or ten year olds ( I never do this if there's more than two children) at the end of our short acquaintance I bend way over so I'm right in their face and get their attention by talking directly to them in a louder voice than usual.

You can see it in their eyes... thinking about it all "Who is this old fart and why is he picking on me ?" And I say to them with all of the sincerity that I can muster, (here's the title)

"See these two people ? They're the smartest people you'll ever know !"

The kids look at me as if I'm the dumbest thing on two legs. The parents smile widely (usually)...and I then turn my back and exit the scene. Mission accomplished and it didn't cost me anything.

Good luck with your tome. I started one myself last March...had a title from the start. When you're really ready, things tend to write themselves.

I think flow's idea is intriguing, and probably better than this one. Anyway, when I read your post, wil, the first thing that came to my mind was along the lines of:

On Second Thought: Re-evaluating the Wisdom of Our Elders

I dunno.

(Edited to Add: Oh yeah--I voted for the first one, if you are thinking of book titles. I personally don't feel that way, but it might sell if it isn't already out there. Just being practical.:))

Maybe I should finish it...

the titles all end with...

that I didn't listen.

The stories are all about things we wished we would have taken to heart earlier.

And Flow I love your little confrontation with has to be memorable for them.

My honest opinion is the first three seem rather uninspiring. The next is more grabbing (and obviously offensive to some) but I think it needs to be intriguing so as to make you want to see what it's about. On that basis, off the top of my head (which is a fairly vacuous place to come from) what about something like "Why your mother pisses you off." or "Pissed off by my mother."

Oh dear, what have I said......

So far, I like Prober's title idea. I guess it depends on your approach--will it be more whimsical or more scholarly? Maybe a balance between?
Here is the concept...think Chicken Soup for the Soul end result marketing...

The Main title people will see is My Mother Was Right and it Pisses me off (small print or italics below, 'that I didn't listen")

The stories will be submitted and reviewed, selected for a mix of whimisical and scholarly...but mostly looking for a point a punch that most of the readers can gain from and then utilize their own insite.

The plan is to then go onto My Father, Priest, Teacher, Grandma, Uncle, Neighbor, Boss, Co-worker, Son, Daughter,'ll develop on its own...

And then there could/will be On Relationships; Love; Work; Politics; Life; etc.

I plan to have a site up for submittals of stories...I plan the profits to be reverse tithing...90% of all profits are donated to Charities...the site will provide a way for people to suggest charities and an updated as to total donated and projects funded.

This is my current direction, to create companies, projects, websites that will all be reverse tithing, and my goal is to live well off the 10% remainder!

(currently have another book idea, a website/holiday I am inventing, and a TV show I'm soliciting...)
Wil, if you start a new holiday, could you please make it sometime in June? There's only a couple or so in that month. Everything else is booked up. Of course, I'm counting family birthdays and anniversaries, but I just thought I'd get my bid in first. :)

(By the way, will this be a paid holiday?)

Wil, if you start a new holiday, could you please make it sometime in June?
I'll have to invent another one for June...But once you decide to manifest something out of nothing, another should be even easier.

Unfortunately/fortuneately my new holiday is in October, which means I'll definitely have to work on one for you as well. And it has some ethical issues however I think I've pretty much justified them all and then with the addition of the end justifies the reverse tithing should have more postive benefit than my holiday will have negative impact...just means I'll have to make an adjustment to the charities I support...

As for day off work....not likely the Gov't or most industry will support it in that fashion although some folks will probably be taking the day after off.
Hmmmm...let's holiday in October...anti-establishment theme...the Government probably won't support it...let's call it
Columbus Day-NOT !

Seriously wil, I like the sound of your plans for the reverse-tithing information source. Best wishes on your venture.

Hi wil and all--

You know, I guess I did not realize all that you have said, wil. When I voted on the poll, I didn't even look far enough to see that I could have voted twice. Duh! (or Doh! if you prefer).

Yes, I would be glad to send in something when you get everything set up, wil. I still like Prober's title, but maybe that could be a chapter. Prober--would you like to write that one? If not, I'm here....

It took me a while to understand about "reverse tithing". Thanks to flow, I think I understand now. Heck, for something like this, I don't need no stinking 10%. Give it all. But I will need to know where it is going first.


I know where to find you, wil--you know, some of us (especially me) tease about you being a cynic. There is a good reason for that. I think you are not really so cynical....

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I still like Prober's title, but maybe that could be a chapter. Prober--would you like to write that one? If not, I'm here....

One day, while running with scissors, I...oh wait, that wasn't me...

I like the reverse tithing thing, too. When I was a kid, they called it "investment offering". You promised to give God all of the income from something and then you waited for 13 weeks to see what God would make of it.

I've been trying to think of something I could do...
Prober said:
One day, while running with scissors, I...oh wait, that wasn't me...

So, it has been done? I guess? I really don't get out much, you know.
Anyway, I thought it was akin to "You'll shoot your eye out" (or however that goes.)

This is all sounding rather Fulgumish to me--you know, the guy who writes great stuff but camped out beside his own grave for a while?


My offer still stands. How can I plagiarize when I never see?

Hey, wil and Prober. I just re-read that last post. I hope no one got the wrong idea. I was making one of my less successful attempts at humor. But even I don't get it now. I guess I did at the time, or I wouldn't have written it. (And the reference to Fulgum was a compliment, by the way.)

I think you've got some good ideas here, wil--your own and from everyone else. I wish you well, and if I can help, let me know. :)