Are religion and science interfacing?

Didn't they just ask for forgiveness for the trial of Galileo? :)

Better late than never, I guess.

The RCC dug itself into a deep hole trying to maintain the illusion of infallability. Fortunately, with Vatican II, it stopped digging and started filling.

Some major denominations within organized Christianity are clearly moving toward a postion which allows a synthesis of science and religion. Notably, the Roman Catholic church has taken a clear position against the fundamentalist mindset, calling it "dangerous", and invitational to "intellectual suicide."

The church rejects fundamentalism Catholic New Times - Find Articles


Great article, thanks! True fundamental beliefs are a lot different than "fundamentalism".

..."seeks to find the reality of faith there expressed, but also seeks to link this reality to the experience of faith in our present world".
My opinion is that science and religion are peeling the same onion from two different sides and that God will eventually show this to be true...