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  • Hi Chris,

    Been missing your presence on the forum. Your new work-out program is inspiring. ;-)

    Hi Linda, see my post on the Getting Healthy thread. I honestly haven't paid much attention to this personal page of mine. I usually can't remember how to get here!

    Hey Chris! I haven't been here for a while, but I was getting kinda worried because you never responded to my last message. Did you find another forum to hang out at or what?
    China, There is no two people that view G-d in the exact same manner [IMO] As for me, I view Him to be the creator, and sustainer of all things created. I also view His essence to be love, but I can't in my right mind replace the term G-d for what He did/does, or for a characteristic placed on His person. (Losing my religion thread)

    Hi Chris! Just wanted to let you know I visited this board tonight for the first time in months, but couldn't find any new posts from you. I'm using a new computer now and haven't updated my address book yet. --Linda aka Raksha
    Pontoffel Pock, the original loud-mouthed schnook. Pontoffel Pock, Where Are You? - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    anyone ever seen the one where foghorn wakes up the dog with a bucket of water and purposely has him chase him down a field only to find that the dog is still tied up? my favorite part is where he tells the dog, "aaaaaaahhh shi-at ap!" and follows up with a pimp slap with the back of his hand, er wing. funny stuff.
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