Forum User Guide

I think you will find a "buddy list" will, obviously list those you are friends with, or interesting in reading posts of and then you can fast track them and such.... Also it acts as a "baddy list" you can again... list people you wish to ignore, you can have their posts blocked and stops them from PM'ing and emailing you..... I think thats how it works...
Is there an instruction page on how to use the features of this forum? I still don't know for example what a buddy list is or what message tracking entails.

After much digging, I found the FAQ page.

Brian, do you think it might be possible to put a link for it on the grey menu bar, with the User CR, Code of Conduct, etc? Pretty please? Thank you. :)
Used to be up there, but nobody used it!

Heck, never used a buddy list either, so even I don't know what it does, though I think I have a few ideas... :)
...nice new noticeboards Brian, or am I just unobservant?:p

I've just literally updated the forum software, but I don't think there have been any observable changes to the forum. So maybe just unobservant. :)
you mean those cork board images that change colour when there's a new post have always been there???!!!:eek: