my 1000th post


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Just want to congratulate myself on creating 1000 posts of complete cr*p. :D
Okay, then I will congratulate you, as well!

Congratz, Postmaster!

(All of it was crap?) :D

Congrats as well PostMaster!

But as you well know you provide so many valuable posts your crap percentage is quite low.

If you wish to achieve a higher award on the crap scale you'll have to work a lot harder.

But if one were to peruse the numbers of posts by members, and contemplate the crap'll quickly find that your time is much better spent providing insightful (v. inciteful) posts as you have been.

As those of us with a high crap value have raised the bar pretty high....
Remember that Sir John Crapper invented the toilet (WC) so there is some merit in the concept. Congratulations Postmaster !

And all CRAP FLOW (s) downhill ...huh ?

Thanks guys.. Why is everyone assuming I meant crap? :D

Could have been crop (something alittle more prosperous) lol

Congratulations on all your crop. I can only aspire to this much crop. To what do you attribute your staying power?:)

Hey Postmaster--not to diminish your achievement here, but wil has just hit the 2000 mark. Congratz, wil!

(Maybe you guys could compare "crops") :)

bump! So wil getS his card from me. (lots of lounge activity right now!) :D

Edited to add: LOL!! Wil--you bumped me while I was posting!
Go back two posts....

Edit: Bumped AGAIN! I give up! You'll find it eventually!

(I think this is the busiest I have ever seen the lounge????)
First the can can and now da bump...

yo tango contra cha cha watusi

I saw der 2k and in accepting the award, I'd like to roundup the soybeans and thank all those that provided the organic fertilizer as my corn rows are plaited and furrowed.

and we do da bump...