Newbie Question about Interfaith



Hello everyone. Im new to this forum and I have a question. I have been real interested in interfaith and I was wondering. Is the interfaith alliance and the interfaith stewardship part of the Interfaith as a whole? I have found there are many differnet division that use the word interfaith but I did not know if they are part of the same group.
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You say you are really interested in "interfaith" In what respect? Do you mean as, a society that comes togehter and merges to a certain extent and shares it's faith, knowledge and such within the group? Or do you mean more along the lines of "not keeping all your eggs in one basket" and sharing in many faiths?

I think the term interfaith is basically a term where all religion is welcome, like, you wish to talk of christianity.. Go ahead.. Want to discuss Muslims? Sure... How about that buddha...

I don't think you find a division of people who say "Hi I'm interfaith-ism" or something like that... Maybe I do not understand the question and should be silent, then again I wanted to help get your thread going.
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I don't currently know the answer to your question. But I thought I would help you and Angel keep it in the mix for a while because someone probably does. I will look around in the meantime to see what I can come up with for you.

Hopefully someone already knows and I won't have to do so much work! :D

I figure I may as well as enter the line of folks who don't have an answer.

Namaste and welcome though...

I myself have found a trend of local churches having interfaith meetings with the typical motive...bringing people of other faiths or folks who are exploring other faiths into their church for the purpose of saving them...

I see an increase in interfaith groups as it is currently PC and has some momentum to which others may ride the wave...

My exploration is to learn and understand more about others and their beliefs. Not to form any new religion or validate any current one, but to facilitate peace through understanding...

As far as this group or that group or affiliations I know none of the above as have not associated in that manner....many are so much more organized than I...
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We have had at least one member visiting this site who was an interfaith minister, although I'm not exactly sure if that meant s/he was part of a congregation or organization. Many places I've lived have had interfaith groups that worked together usually to educate or perform good works together and you could get involved by joining or contributing funds.

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