How to Cooperate with the Dark Forces


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Here are Ten Good Ways to cooperate with, or support, the `Dark Forces' (those who work against the Christ & Masters, and oppose the Plan for Light & Love, thereby countering Divine Purpose):
  1. Speak out against every modern prophet, Messenger or advocate for living a life of active altruism. Especially do so by seeking grounds to discredit everything which such foolish idealists have spewed forth, and ridicule them for their human foibles.
  2. OPPOSE all Cooperation along the lines of religious & spiritual Unity, especially that which calls for progress and an end to the separatist attitude. Be an ARMY OF ONE. Remember, you are SEPARATE from everyone else. What you see in the mirror, as well as the division and divisiveness all around you, is exactly how things really are.
  3. Advocate your own, chosen path ... be it spiritual, devotional, secular, scientific, philosophical, contemplative, mystical, occult, political, or other. But you must do this especially to the exclusion of all others. Remember, NONE is legitimate but YOURS. People are inherently WRONG and misguided, until YOU correct and enlighten them. If in doubt, return to #1 and start over.
  4. DO NOT THINK. Dear GOD, WHATEVER you do, DO NOT THINK!!! It is enough that you should read your chosen Bible, be that the Koran, Bhagavad Gita, Pentateuch, Christian Apocrypha, New Testament, Upanishads, Zend Avesta or other chosen source of inspiration. Remember, what you see written WAS NOT MEANT to be questioned. This law is ABSOLUTE. DO NOT BREAK IT.
  5. BE SURE TO MIX the thought of various spiritual, religious, and philosophical systems. THIS ESPECIALLY PISSES GOD OFF. Remember, syncretism is of the Devil. Therefore, USE IT, that ye may align yourself with His Evil (D'Evil). [It is getting very hard to write this, by the way. It is not simply expository; it is difficult not to be sarcastic ... but this also leads, naturally enough, to #6.]
  6. DENY, if at all possible, that there such a thing as Evil. Speak out against such a notion as absurd, and remind people at every turn that what we call "evil" is just due to ignorance ... and tell them that NO SUCH THING as an intelligent, coordinating and malevolent force (or presence) could possibly exist - much less an entire group of these, or such thing as a `Brotherhood of the Shadow.' See especially #1, and convince yourself that certain charlatans just cooked this notion up to fit their scheme to propagandize and brainwash you to believe that there are `masters,' or a `Brotherhood of Light and Love.'
  7. Your brother on the Path ... HE IS YOUR ENEMY. Find any and every excuse to revile, slander, degrade, demean or belittle him (or her). Do not discriminate based on appearance (save when it benefits your own, separativist purpose and desires) ... but rather, indict ALL whom you encounter, alike, as fallen, unredeemed sinners - AND DENY THE CHRIST IN YOUR BROTHER'S HEART. This will serve, if only slightly, to disempower him (or her) ... and give you an edge.
  8. [This will grow only darker. It would be natural enough to conclude with three means, modes or methods to serve the Brotherhood of the Shadow which correspond to an inverted TRINITY. `As above, so below.' `Demon est Deus inversus.' The Dark Brotherhood uses many of the same organizing principles and "nature(s) of things" as does that of Light and Love, yet consigns them to the Path of OPPOSITION. They seek to oppose the Christ, and all who would be Christ-like, mainting instead a point of strength within the material worlds - wherein as yet an edge, or vantage point, can be found. Naturally, if spiritual energies - greater in strength and potency than their more material counterparts - can be bent or enslaved to serve the little, separated self (and those who advocate the left-hand path) ... then much time and effort can be conserved. Conserved, and better spent on ATTACKS on the personal character - and being (spiritual, psychological, personal and material) - of those who Serve Light and Love. Remember, even ONE Disciple who can think, and see clear-headed, plays a valuable, potent role is the current world arena, and in the Battles ahead. And as this is true of the Forces of both Light and Shadow, it behooves us to do what we can to support THAT which we wish to emerge triumphant ... or, as is inevitable with the one, to remain strong for yet another day to oppose the coming change.]
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If I speak plainly, it is because I know that there are those who labor for GOOD, whatever side of the veil we may find them. Generally speaking, I think this includes pretty well everyone at CR. There is a magnetism which draws all men (people) forward (or Heavenward), and this works its way through every modern medium ... including, especially, the Internet (and World-Wide-Web) as a tool for increased and improved Communication, Networking, Learning, Education, Exploration, and even Spiritual Aspiration.

On the other side of the veil, such tools are not needed, or else have long existed in forms which Humanity has been unready or unable to tap ... until the modern Era. A Master can communicate with any one of His many thousands of Disciples - from the Inner Planes - at a moment's notice. The communication is fully "two-way," it is instantaneous, and it is deeply, spiritually intimate. No possibility exists, at this level, for confusion or mis-communication.

When the Soul is in form, either in physical incarnation or in the lower worlds following (soon) upon disembodiment, the situation can be more difficult. Even the combined effort of numerous of the Master's Disiciples - even acting as One (in a combined, radiatory fashion) - may not meet with immediate, or noticeable success. Depending on the nature, and importance, of the communication being sent ... it may require some considerable time for the personality - even that of the aspiring, dedicated disciple - to respond.

One thing is certain, and unassailable. When and where the commitment is sincere ... and when the disciple is genuinely aspiring toward spiritual Growth and Service ... s/he is NEVER without her Master's Shield. If we were to slow down and oversimplify a visualization, of what the simplest of attacks from the Dark Forces might look like - it might go something like this:
Through whatever cause (environmental factors, inherent weakness within the disicple's personality, and the combination of these which forms 99% of such attacks), a chink is exposed in the armor of the Server. The ever-watchful Eye, of the Brotherhood of single focus, single purpose, yet lacking Heart and Vision, detects this opportunity. A sword is thrust, aimed to penetrate deep and mortally wound the Serving One (in several connotations of this expression).​
There is another watchful eye, which does not fail to predict and observe this attack, yet this is an eye surrounded by a living, beating Heart. Wherever, and whenever possible, relative to the worlds of form (the only worlds wherein the Dark Brotherhood has a foothold), a hand is further materialized for the protection of the disciple - or group - under attack.​
That hand wields an impenetrable, sturdy Shield, upon which we might well imagine the Christ's Coat of Arms is emblazoned: A battle-ready, courageous Lion ... protecting the newborn, bleating Lamb. Both of these images represent the Christ; and both are found within the heart of the Server, as well as within that of the Master and His Ashram. It is this dual-presence which makes the extension of the Shield possible to begin with, as also it is the disciple's source of Strength in Service.​
Of course, this is an oversimplification of what actually tends to occur. Many disciples are unaware of the exact nature, or even the true source, of the attacks which are forthcoming (insofar as they may associated with the dark brothers). Some will assume that all is simply a part of the world karma, or that this is no more than astrological factors working themselves out through their own particular equipment. On both counts they are essentially right, but it must also be determined, when possible, what personal weakness may have allowed a given attack to manifest. Otherwise no steps can be taken to prevent similar exploitations in the future.
It might be good to contemplate ... at what point a personal slander, or accusation of false (poor) character, becomes a judgment of the value (worthwhileness, merit, usefulness) of something that this person has said, taught or advocated - be that a disciplined course of action, particular mode of philosophical enquiry, or even an entire system of religious practice or spirituality.

Critical thinking, while an excellent and indisposable mental faculty, can become the sword that slays, instead of the magic wand that reveals things as they are. Similarly, even those with the most heartfelt, positive of intentions, like John Steinbeck's character Lenny, find that somehow they have managed to crush the very thing they so deeply treasured ... or else, they discover that for whatever reason, it has come into the world stillborn.

Is this post really about how we may cooperate with those who oppose spiritual and religious progress? I don't think so. But of course, if we wish, we may take this portion of it, alone, away with us. And as we have often discovered, this is yet another of the ways whereby evil creeps in amidst the Good: by advocating, presenting, or revealing a portion of the Truth, instead of all of it.

Why, then, am I a syncretist? For the reason I have just stated. Why do I defend someone who was not perfect, and was only able to show the Light for a small handful even of her own, willing followers? Because of what she stood for, and also what she stood against. And why do I bother to type up a post like this, even while it is true that - personally speaking - I often need to "chill out, relax and lighten up?" ;) :p

Because of what I have seen, what I have experienced, what I know to be true both about myself and others ... and because it cannot be said too many times, that there is a Purpose, and a Plan, and Those Who Serve [It].

For many, the Great Ones may be a fiction, may seem a hoax, may make no sense, or may simply not appeal. I can only hope, in the lattermost case, that it is owing to the problem of presentation, and not to the inherent philosophical and religious Idea/Ideal. For if this is the case, then I think we are in trouble, indeed.

While many of us are here, engaged in arguing for and against their possible (or impossible) existence ... the Christ, the Masters, and Their ranks of faithful, committed disciples remain engaged in the Great Conflict which many of know - both individually and collectively - so well. We can see the signs, and we can feel the strain - even quote scriptures and prophecies (as well as scientific findings) to show that this crisis is Planetary, and that it is here & now.

We do not have to believe what we consider mere rhetoric, or trite, moralistic esposition. But I wonder, what do we really believe, of our own hearts, our own minds, and based on our own observations? I think this - is what really matters. And what we do with it ... next.

Me? I'll probably start with the familiar advice: "chill out, relax, Lighten up!" :)

How 'bout you? ;) :)


9. Always use the good heckler taking the log out of thier eye (never your own) or about how infidels, gentiles, heretics, pharisees should be treated, and any disagreement with anything you say should evoke the instant response that their words, thoughts and actions prove they do not deserve to claim to be in your religion and are going to hell...

10. Drink the koolaid.

Whilst an interesting experience in satire, I truly doubt ~Zag believes any of this. We all know we are each on our path for a purpose. Each encounter is to assist us in learning unconditional love, and we all have our own baggage. As Rumi indicates we are polished as we are rubbed, our exchanges are all about our growth, and understanding that we are all doing the best with the knowledge we currently have...

Everyone here wishes nothing but the best for all the rest of us...this is why we are so passionate about our beliefs and know that if we could just get others to sit and listen they'd understand as well...
Once a belief structure is in place, we often see what a corner we have painted ourselves into!