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sorry to say but i know very little about Islam(as you will clearly know from my question ).well i had someone tell me today what they hear the story of the death of Muhammad. He told me that Muhammad had raped a woman who he then married which then poisoned him.I was just wondering if this story was correct and if not where would this come from.
ok thanks very much do you think you could tell me where you think this story came from and maybe the correct story
i tried looking it up but there seem to be different idea on how he died . from poison or illness.
Well I hope some one will help me with this I've been looking online all day. It seem that the sites that say he was poisoned (some say by a wife ).these sites seem to have an anti-Islamic view . The sites that seem to be Muslim say that he fell ill. Again if anyone can help me with this it would be greatly appreciated I have become very interested in this.

I am not all knowing, and do not know the truth about prophet Muhammad's life to the fullest. God Allmighty knows best.

First, I have to say one thing: the Qur'anic principle requires that one restrains himself from his/her urges and acts as morally as possible. In order to have sexual relations with someone, a Muslim must be married to the person. The person to be married (woman) must agree to the man be he a king, a prophet or a slave.

With that being said, as a leader of a Muslim community and the Seal of the Prophets (the Last Prophet pbuh) Muhammad savs would never, in my personal opinion backed by the Qur'anic verses and teachings, rape a woman.

In the ancient times, all the way going to the Abraham pbuh and Moses pbuh, it was practiced according to the Holy Bible that the women captured in war be taken to wives. The same was ordered in the Holy Qur'an as a rule of warfare, I believe.
When you look at the Holy Bible, it is said that Sarah r.a. suggested to Abraham pbuh to take Hagar r.a. to have her give birth to a child. In our age this would sound to be against Hagar's will, but in their time it was acceptable.

The time of the Prophet Muhammad savs was different from ours. He grew up in a place where female infanticide was practiced, women were slaves and had no rights at all. Islam gave many rights to the women. I know that it is difficult, but we often scrutinize Prophet Muhammad's life through the modernized eyes. One thing that is overlooked about his life is the fact that he was married to only one wife for 25 years of his life. The majority of women he married later were widows and he lived up to the Qur'anic teaching to protect and respect women. Despite the freedom of Islam that was brought to the female population of his time, the women I am sure still were in danger as well. I mean, look at our time. 1400 years later after the Revelation of the HOly Qur'an, we still see some unislamic practices in the Middle East: 'honor killings,' stoning and throwing acid at women who refuse to marry certain men. All three are examples of grave sins, go totally against the Qur'anic laws and are the attack on basic human rights.
as salaam aleykum

What is known of the death of the Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) is that he spent 15 days with a 'mortal fever'. The fever eased before he died and he died peacefully in 632 AD. He spent these days in the room of his wife Aisha, who was adept at known medical practices of the time.

As with many historical figures, some information is lost with the passage of time, if indeed the cause of his death was ever known. However, if you read about the life and teachings of the Prophet (pbuh) your logic will tell you that if he was poisoned (which is pure speculation) it would most likely be by an enemy of Islam for political reasons.
Prophet Muhammad savs, according to the Hadith sayings, had two non-Muslim wives: one was a Christian and the other a Jewess. To my understanding the wife who was a Jewess was captured in a battle and was married to him. According to some Hadith, the other wives did not like her much because she was a Jew. In one hadith it says that one day she was crying and complaining about other wives. And, according to the hadith, Prophet Muhammad savs simply told her to be proud of her Jewish ancestry (supposedly Aron, the brother of Moses pbuh, was her great great... greatfather). I do not recall reading that this woman tried to poison him.

I know that there was an incident where some people tried to use magic to harm the Prophet pbuh. He was having headaches and ended up sending one of his friends to a well to recite Qur'anic verses until his headaches ceased. This is according to the hadith sayings. Nowhere in the Qur'an does it say about any of these accounts (including the marriages mentioned above).