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Well I was traveling this week and decided whilst out and about to take advantage of the situation and PM someone from this board.

"I'm gonna be in your town, arriving X:45, leaving Y:30 any interest in picking me up or taking me to the airport?"

response "I've got a late job on Thursday but could meet on Sunday"

Bottom line, I found a church to go to Sunday morning and got from my conference to the church and Paladin picked me up a little after noon at church.

We had lunch, he showed my some sights in his town, we walked in the park, we discussed all the same types of things we discuss on the forums, plus a little of each others posting styles...

It was fantastic, incredible to go from the virtual to the physical. Now when I see a post I have more than a picture, an avatar, and a screen name...I have a face, a human, a connection.

I so appreciate the honor of meeting someone outside the monitor and keyboard, of visiting your town, of getting the personal tour, and the chance to discuss what means so much to us all....

I think the most interesting thing is seeing that this person exists and lives a life very similar to what we know from the threads and posts of the boards.

I've started this thread to encourage others to post their encounters outside of the boards....

And for all of the rest....when you come to the Baltimore DC area, be sure to PM I can return the favor!

Absolutely awesome to have spent some time with you Paladin, thank you for your hospitality!
The pleasure was all mine Wil, it was great to see you and talk with you face to face without all the filters. :)

Hi Guys, So sorry to miss the meet-up. Mark is only about an hour south of the Garden of the Gods!...but this past Sunday was already booked up for me.

Hey wil, next time give me some more notice! :)

Mark, maybe we can still get together sometime...