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My board name is Quahom. For those who dabble in Star Trek lore, it is a word one of the "alien" races use to describe a Human male child, before the right of ascension (becoming a man).

In reality I am a military man, with a loving mate and two strapping sons (who are about to plot their own course in life). I have served on every continent including Antartica, and have met many people from all walks of life.

I write poetry, compose music, jump from planes (for fun), dive deep beneath the seas (again for fun), read everything I can get my hands on, fish in rivers (and could care less if I catch anything), and think a lot about everything.

My primary mission (day job), is Search and Rescue on the high seas, followed by law enforcement, Aids to Navigation maintenance, and finally, Marine Safety compliance. Occasionally I must head into the battle zone and leave my first aid equipment behind...

I think of the God concept almost daily. I am awe filled at Man's achievements, and shudder at our attrocities. I have questions, and maybe I might have an answer or two...I don't know, but I'd like to find out.

I love a GOOD debate, smiling if I win, conceding gracefully if I lose. In my mind however, no one ever loses really, because all come away with something learned.

Thank you for allowing me to be here.

My two cents.

Greetings, welcome to CR

lookin forward to our future convos

Thank you

My latin is VERRRY rusty, but I think your foot note invokes the Name of the Father, Son and Holy spirit. If so, I say amen.

That in mind, I look forward to "steel sharpening steel".;) However, a honing stone can sharpen steel just as well, with a little spit, or oil... any event I can be both, and look forward to your thoughts.


Zdrastvuitsye, hola, shalom, salaam, Dia dhuit, namastar ji, hej, ohayoo, squeak, meow, :wave:, to you, Quahom1.

Except for a couple of minor details, you could be this one gentleman I know online who calls himself Aquasapien (some of the relatively recent members know who I'm talking about.)

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
Ochen pryatno pryatilnitsa Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine,

Wish I had thought of that one :cool: But I wonder if he is implying "Water/Ocean Man", or "Water/Ocean that is self aware"...:D

Maybe we wear the same colored uniform when we go out to play.

If his floaty toys have a racing stripe at the pointy end, then we do.

As they say in the kingdom of the Prince of Shapir, "Yassas" (greetings)


Well... its
/ \

( _____ )
\ /
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___________________________only the sudden stop at the bottom___________________
Well, that sudden stop at the bottom is the part that worries me. But I don't even like roller coasters (well, except the baby coaster back in ToonTown at Disneyland), so I'm not sure how I'd ever cope with freefall.:D

Although, to be honest, hang gliding and parasailing both look like a lot of fun.