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pfw said:
As some will know I've struggled with the trinity concept-mainly because I can't find anything to grasp onto that I understand.

I'd like to present this idea I've had as a discussion point and to find out if I'm any closer.

The trinity is Father, Son and Spirit.

Like Mind, Body and Spirit.

The Mind is nothing without the Body and the Body can't function without the Mind-all of which is (in my belief/view) quickend by the Spirit. All three are seperat 'entities' that (with the possible execption of 'Spirit', but that's not important to this analagy) can't exist or function without the other.

Am I wrong, nearly there or a heratic (see you at the next bonfire...)?
Namaste pfw,

Hope you don't mind...I cut and pasted to a place where we can play without handcuffs (or with them should the need arise!)

Father, Son, Holy Ghost

Spirit, Soul, Body

Principle, Principle Revealed, Plan carried out

Absolute, I Am, G-d in action

Divine Mind, Divine Idea, Divine Expression

1st Cause, 2nd Cause, Result

(now the fun thing, it can be 3rd cause as third can then become first and have a trinitarian manifestation beyond ...and and..continually begetting the only begotten)

Law of mind action (prayer/creation/manifestation) Thoughts in mind appear in kind
Re: pfw's Trinity, again

Object, Subject, Relation?

Will, Intellect, Memory?
In Bonaventure (from Augustine), the Memory’s capability of remembering past, seeing the present, and picturing the future, becomes an image of eternity where all is present. The Intellect seeks the Light of Eternal Truth that is its certitude. The Will is imprinted with the Divine Image and thus tenbds towards the highest Good.

And 'cos' my friend Wil copied here, I can say ...

Sit-Chat-Ananda? (Being, consciousness, Bliss)
(Advaita Vedanta)

(hey ... what's this in my pocket? Well I never, would you believe it ... a box of matches! ... Must have brought them from the other place...)
Re: pfw's Trinity, again

Namaste pfw,

Hope you don't mind...I cut and pasted to a place where we can play without handcuffs (or with them should the need arise!)

No problem at all Will, quite pleased and complimented I've said something that's been picked up for discussion.:)
Re: pfw's Trinity, again

If I may play with the Christian symbols in pocket. They might have come from the other side. I think the Holy Trinity is; the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost and is the Christian symbol for God from which the universe emanates, has its growth, realizes pure consciousness and merges in the end. When the Holy Trinity is in equilibrium it transcends the limitations of time; past, present and future; the genders; masculine, feminine and neuter; and the mind; conscious, subconscious and unconscious. When the equilibrium is disturbed, each principle of the Holy Trinity has the opportunity to express itself. This is the emergence of being from non-being or what we refer to as creation. The primordial waters are a theoretical expression showing the creative spirit of God bringing order out of what seems to be chaos. In creation there is still oneness, but the awareness of this oneness in all things becomes lost in the individual awareness of the parts. Enjoy the light from your matches. Soma
Re: pfw's Trinity, again

I think that's a good working model.

It's interesting that the Philosophers of Antiquity and Fathers of the Church start their inquiry from very simple yet staggeringly profound ideas ... Aristotle sought to understand why 'movement' ... Gregory of Nyssa talks of 'distance' ... both occur within space, but both seek a source outside of the spatio-temporal domain ...

If Jesus Christ is the Apha and Omega, the beginning and the end, that is because He is the Logos of God, the Logos of all things, in Him resides their origin, and in Him resides their perfection; He is the Source and End of all things ... and the Holy Spirit is then our Shepherd between those two points.

Re: pfw's Trinity, again

Thomas I like the way you connected the dots. Cheers

The logos or word being the one vibration, uni-verse. The Trinity is the cord of three notes making one sound. Vibrating wih eveything the Holy Spirit, the shephard between the two points is the tuner that fine tunes our instruments to the perfect chord or sound that Jesus makes to guide us to the logos.