Fictionalize Yourself

We're listening to some old rock concerts on the radio.

How old, you ask?

The "main concert" is Queen, recorded at the Montreal Colosseum exactly a decade to the day before Freddie Mercury passed away from complications of AIDS. There was also a performance by Guns 'n Roses in 1992, and the 38 Special concert was even older than Queen's concert.

The neighbor who gave the :kitty:s pumpkin is in the hospital. He ate every last one of the brownies that Ryoutou gave him, and he had to be put into ICU until the brownies are out of his system. He exacerbated the problem by having a couple of six packs of cheap American beer, so he's got a couple of IVs in his arm. He might be out of the complex soon, though (nonpayment of rent.)

The new werefolk are hiding in plain sight, pretending to be rather large Afghan hounds, whenever somebody drops in. I've introduced them to stuffed burgers (they seem to adore super sharp Cheddar, feta, Provolone, Gouda, Edam or Havarti, and turn their noses up at Pepper Jack [I can understand due to the peppers in the cheese because not every being can stomach them].) I also introduced them to a couple of apple varieties, one being a variety that tastes like it was infused with lemon juice (but it wasn't.)

I'm ecstatic that they've agreed to wear real dog collars when they're in their were forms, complete with ID tags (makes it a whole lot easier for us, especially in the grocery store, having our severely-visually-impaired swordsman with a fully-IDed canine guide, even though Afghan hounds aren't used for that purpose.)

Oops, gotta go. One of the neighbors is chasing after one of the new werefolk, and he's being chased by the other two in turn as well as the "human" members of the teams. Oops, there are several others from "the clan" that are joining in on the fun. WREN, WHAT DID I SAY ABOUT PULSE CANNONS?

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
Phyllis Sidhe Uaine said:
The new werefolk are hiding in plain sight, pretending to be rather large Afghan hounds, whenever somebody drops in. I've introduced them to stuffed burgers (they seem to adore super sharp Cheddar, feta, Provolone, Gouda, Edam or Havarti, and turn their noses up at Pepper Jack [I can understand due to the peppers in the cheese because not every being can stomach them].) I also introduced them to a couple of apple varieties, one being a variety that tastes like it was infused with lemon juice (but it wasn't.)

I'm ecstatic that they've agreed to wear real dog collars when they're in their were forms, complete with ID tags (makes it a whole lot easier for us, especially in the grocery store, having our severely-visually-impaired swordsman with a fully-IDed canine guide, even though Afghan hounds aren't used for that purpose.)
That's a little scary. Question: How does one catch a werewolf? Answer: In the refrigerator.
I felt sorry for the neighbor who lost her dog, but just for a couple of minutes [if that long].) You see, she invited one of the new werefolk, who was in his humanoid form, into her apartment. He called the SPCA inside her apartment, claiming that she had a dog in her apartment, which was against her lease. He then transformed into his Afghan hound-like form and waited for the erunam to hit the fan. Chiryu Mamoru went upstairs to claim the errant were since he was the only one home at the time, plus he's one of our practicing attorneys. I have a feeling the errant neighbor might have to find new lodging soon due to breaking her lease.

The werefolk's "owner" was beside himself when he found out about the attempted "relocation". What was funny was that Sado talked to the guy before the situation literally got explosive.

I was asked earlier about the stuff going on around the apartment and around town. Cue the explanations about both Hanukkah and Christmas. The eldest werefolk asked about a peculiar car that was blaring stuff, which prompted Yun to do a quick sketch of the most annoying driver cruising the east side of town along with his modified hearse. Every one of the newbies jumped up, pointed at the sketches and shouted in unison, "THAT'S HIM!" Jin responded, "He's more annoying than fleas," which got the werefolk reflexively scratching. I just told them that the guy has a file at the police stations about the thickness of the unabridged dictionary that some of the :kitty:s use as a scratching post, filled with complaints of harassment (both from him and about him,) trespassing and disregarding restraining orders. "I won't ask you to use his hearse as a fire hydrant next time you see it, but if you do use it as such, I won't give you grief for it."

Oops, gotta go. Chii's looking at the Fishy Feast. Again.

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
A couple of the werefolk had a minor altercation at a Hanukkah party we were invited to, although they didn't start it. You see, when a guide dog does something inappropriate, it's owner is supposed to be the one to reprimand it. One of the other guests at the party deliberately stepped on the youngest were, then smacked him upside the muzzle. He (the were) yelped, not knowing what he did wrong, which caught the attention of his elders, his actual owner and the blind swordsman. Mamoru (the swordsman, not the lawyer) read the human the riot act while elder weres emitted controlled waves of "If you touch him again, we'll kill you in such a way that it'll be untraceable, even by our partners."

The hosts of the party asked what was wrong, and Mamoru told them that the guest had smacked his guide dog after stepping on him. Another one of the guests blurted, "Your dog shouldn't be reprimanded by a stranger! She's your dog, not someone else's!" And the hosts wonder why we don't participate more in the other group's activities...

Later on during the party, the guy who hit the were went up to FeiLong and asked him where he got his wig. FeiLong just arched an eyebrow before asking "Wig?" His tone caught the attention of everybody, including the people who were working in the kitchen. I then politely apologized to our hosts and then (blatantly) lied through my teeth, saying that we all had finals in about a hour or an hour and a half that we had to do some last minute preparations for. I then whispered to FeiLong that Tao would be more than happy to comb his laoban's hair when he got home from school.

I dread the next time we have to deal with the jerk, either at my "bank" or at another party.

Oh, and I "heard" from my brother-in-law when I got home. Seems somebody else is looking for him for passing a bad check or the like. Needless to say, everybody had pizza cups for both lunch and dinner (not that they minded.)

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
The newbies are getting in the spirit of the "Festival of Frying" (they seem to like the attempts at Navajo fry bread [I told them to just wait until they have the real stuff from the American Indian Student Organization].) The apartment reeks of cooking oil, luckily none of it burned/stale oil.

Speaking of burning, the laundromat closest to my apartment had another fire. Eight washers and six dryers destroyed (the person who was hired to take care of the place didn't do her job.) What was worse was that the washers that were destroyed were HE washers, which aren't cheap.

Unfortunately, the other one that we used to use is now a doggy day care center (the newest weres tried it out, and declared it unfit for man or beast.) The eldest were (who was in his Afghan hound-like form) was challenged by one of the other dogs (the challenger has killed a couple of dogs there already.) They don't think the full-blooded dog is going to make it (the were told all of the vets that the stupid dog shouldn't have gone after a mystical beast, especially one that was a first generation to set paw on this soil.) After that fight, the rest of the dogs submitted to him, but I don't think any of our canine or canine-like members are going back.

Oops, gotta go. The owner of the other dog is here with ASPCA officers, and they want to talk to me. :rolleyes:

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
Had some "excitement" on our way to Tyler's and America's (when we got there, the "newbies" were introduced and the weres transformed from their Afghan hound forms to their humanoid forms, freaking Tyler out.)

A guy who got off the bus at the same time we did decided that, instead of asking to use the "facilities" at a bar, he used a light pole. The second eldest were expressed his displeasure at the unnecessary "show" by leaving a bite mark on an exposed "cheek". Hitsugaya looked at the guy and said, "I'd like to inform you that I'm underage." A cop heard that, and "hilarity" ensued.

We introduced the "newbies" to tabletop role-playing, Tovarish showing them how she "rolls" her own dice (yeah, she's an RPer, complete with her very own dice and set of character sheets.) Afterward, Tyler showed us a video rant of a horrible waste of celluloid (a horror flick titled Jack Frost.) Kenpachi was funny, though, saying that he'd like to see that serial killer try to go after him or the "old man" (talking about the captain of the First Division.) You see, the captain of the First Division of the shinigami's element is fire, and, if he doesn't hold back, everything burns, including the water in the atmosphere. I'm not sure if he's immune to his sword's effect or not.

Anyway, America's mother thanked us for watching her furred managers, even though one of them never showed her face, and Tyler thanked me for returning his keys (we used them to get into the upstairs apartment.) I apologized for being such a pest, calling them five times over the weekend concerning difficulties we had with the keys and a couple of people "sniffing" around the mail (which we brought in to keep prospective burglars away due to "someone's home".)

Oops, gotta go. The "Festival of Frying" is starting up again, and there's a "discussion" about what to make and the best oil to use. :rolleyes:

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
We had a mass exodus of shinigami yesterday. Turned out that the woman who lived in one of the upstairs apartments since I've been here passed away, and several "hungry ghosts" decided to "welcome" her. What was amusing (to me) was that Sasakibe Choujirou was the one to "escort" her soul to the "other side" (I guess the fact that his weapon-of-choice is a rapier, which she recognized as an Occidental weapon [the others use more Oriental weapons].)

You see, she was old enough to remember WWII and being transported from England to the US, plus all of the anti-Japanese propaganda that flooded the US.

Anyway, I was asked a question I couldn't answer: how is the new neighbor going to react to all of "the clan"? I guess they are afraid of their reception or that they're going to have more difficulties/"chases"/"accidental weapons' discharge". I guess I can empathize, especially if there are more "evacuate the building" alarms (Ukitake loathes those even more than I do.)

Ah, well, I guess I'd better go. We might have some more joining us. *enormouscry*

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
Ah, semi-peace. Football season's over (American football, that is.) Unfortunately, almost everybody I know near where I live, plus every radio station is making a fooking big deal over the loss, like it was the end of the world. There are much more important things in life than who wins or loses a football game. Hell, the offensive coach lost his son last week (he fell through thin ice and drowned) plus several other people aren't waking up anymore.

Anyway, we're almost ready for next week when classes begin for those of us signed up. Takaba signed up for an interesting class - underwater photography. He'll have another source of income to help with all of our outgo. Wren is signed up for rescue diving (just has to remember not to transform into a submarine whenever he dives.) On top of all of that, some of the guys are working with the Japanese, the Italian and the Chinese departments as tutors and occasionally sitting in if something amiss happens to the TAs.

Oh, yeah, we have some new "guests". One of the good things about these "guests" is that they speak English (most as a first language.) You see, it makes communicating with them a helloandhowdoyoudo of a lot easier for me. What was funny was that the youngest of the werefolk was in his other form, and the largest of the newcomers associated the were with his mom. That was an embarrassing situation, especially when the eldest one reprimanded Keith (the newcomer,) canine-style. Turns out that he was a feral child, raised mostly by a stray dog from the age of three to fifteen.

Oops, I need to go. Keith is about to be reprimanded again by the eldest werefolk.

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
We had some excitement late last night, and Wren was involved in a way.

You see, the police were called here for the neighbor across the hall from me. How do I know? I let them into the building.

Anyway, she refused to answer when they knocked on her door and they started breaking down her door. That's when things got rather interesting on Wren's part. You see, after about two minutes of trying to break down the door, Wren volunteered his services to get them inside her apartment. A moment later, the only parts of the door that were still attached to the frame were the deadbolt (still engaged) and a hinge. He's not a huge guy, but, as a cyborg, he's rather solid (literally.) I think the poor officers had to change their uniforms after seeing what the combat specialist is capable of doing without his weapons. The police officers called in an emergency repair for the apartment door.

What's sad is that the whole situation could've been avoided if she had answered her door. If she wasn't sure if they were real police officers, she could've called the precinct's non-emergency number and asked if they had any officers with a particular name that fit a particular description.

I just hope Wren doesn't get in trouble for B and E. :( Oh, and he had several :kitty:s sleep with him, their purr motors turned on full.

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
Wren's not in trouble for B and E, but he's been warned not to do that again. I think he'll just punch out both the lock and the knob if there's a next time. I know that the deadbolt goes into the frame for about 2", but that won't stop him.

Anyway, the door across the way has a temporary replacement, but there isn't any way for anyone to enter without breaking it in or climbing through the windows on the other side. I hope the door's replaced soon, otherwise there's going to be trouble for any future tenants.

Oh, the snow spirits had a field day with the snow storm we had yesterday. Roy Mustang, on the other hand, was rather miserable. I ended up making miso ramen along with slow cooker minestrone to help warm him up. One of the other members of "the clan" made a pot of tomato soup using hot salsa (he adored that!) One of the longhaired :kitty:s wrapped herself around the fire alchemist's neck like a fur stole, then fell asleep, only moving when he went to bed himself.

Oops, gotta go. Keith is teasing Roy, and it looks like the colonel's about to make "Keith flambe". Literally.

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
Alberto's sleeping right now after his hectic couple of days. I can kind of understand, seeing that he's Roman Catholic, but he didn't have to overdo it yesterday (or was it the day before?) He shared his paczkis with those who wanted them (Takaba, Keigo and Keith are all sick because they overdid it with the filled doughnut-like pastries [luckily there weren't any prune filled this time].) Alberto also sent Cardinal Dolan a congratulatory message (they met when the Cardinal was still an archbishop here in Milwaukee..) I tried to ask the Italian about the rites for this particular step, but he's mum. I don't know if it's because he doesn't know what an archbishop goes through to become a cardinal or if there's some secret rite of passage they have to undergo that outsiders to Catholicism aren't allowed to know.

He was slightly "under the weather" during the Ash Wednesday Mass, but he wasn't so far gone that he didn't recognize the girls from the Catholic high school nearby paying more attention to him than to the Mass (which got him a bit miffed.) He's going to speak with the principal later, lodging a complaint against the girls (oh, well.)

The neighbor across the hall started throwing things at Wren, yelling how DARE he break down her door when she was already on her way to the hospital, scaring her poor :kitty:. Roy told her that it was better that Wren took care of the door rather than him because she at least still had a door and the wall surrounding it. He also "conjured" a small flame just to prove his point. Ah, well. Never a dull moment around here, I guess.

Oops, gotta go. Asami, Suoh, Kirishima and FeiLong are all chasing one of the other neighbors, and Keith's caught the scent of "playtime".

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
Roy came extremely close to spontaneously bursting into flames as did Hughes. Turns out that they saw an RPG loosely based on Full Metal Alchemist, and I mean very loosely based. Seems that a) some of the powers are the same and b) many of the names of the characters are the same. Other than that... We had fresh baked bread made from scratch as well as pizzas (Roy and Hughes both provided the dough for everybody's pizzas, too.) Most of the clan complemented the texture of the end products (the rest were too busy eating to speak.) After dinner, I pulled up a few :kitty: sites that I have bookmarked and I planted them in front of the computer.

Tuesday, Asami and Jin both had an appointment with a therapist and they had a rather touchy situation in the waiting room with another one of the clients. Seems the other client was carrying on about something and both Asami and Jin were ready to put both the other clients and the woman out of their misery. Permanently. Before they could act on their impulses, one of the other therapists brought the other patient in back. Jin asked if he could have his session outside while taking a walk since he's rather active plus he would rather not put a hole or three in the walls. Asami didn't tell them that he was grateful that he wasn't packing at the time or there would've been major casualties. Dunhill tentatively greeted her staffperson/"staffpurrson", her stance was "I don't want to fight, but I will if I need to." Asami apologized to her and started playing with her using her current favorite toy.

Oops, gotta go. Seems there's a bit of excitement involving Keith and an upstairs neighbor. KEITH. SIT. STAY. :rolleyes:

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
I have to go pick up a package of AA batteries later today. Seems my CO monitor's batteries died on us, and I need to replace them ASAP (don't want to rely on the manager or the maintenance guy to replace them, otherwise I could be waiting until everybody's poisoned or dead.) I found out the batteries were low when the bloody thing kept beeping in a manner that was different than if there was a CO leak somewhere, plus only three apartments were having the same problem.

Another thing I have to pick up is Oatey Ohs (a couple of the older kids tried an experiment that seemed to go over quite well using melted chocolate and the oat cereal.) Several of the clan who have a sweet tooth barely waited until the confection was cut ("Yeah, I'm looking at you, Keith, Akihito and Keigo!") I might pick up some miso while I'm at it as well as some milk, a few blood oranges and an angel food cake.

The semis made a delivery last Friday, barely leaving before the bad weather hit us (not cold enough for the snow spirits, but too cold for pretty much everybody else.) I had to "entertain" everybody by having them make cake rolls using orange custard filling instead of jams, jellies, marmalades or preserves (it was less fuss than some of the other things suggested.)

We also played video games due to the weather (it was funny listening to the guys from the Phantasy Star series making comments about what they would do in the different situations presented in their particular games.) We also played a couple of tabletop RPGs to keep us all entertained since the RPGs were more entertaining that the upstairs neighbors going at it.

Oops, gotta go. Several of the guys are heading for said neighbors' apartment, and some are wearing "that look", including Ryotou.

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
Keith and Roy are in the doghouse, so to speak. Roy kept setting off the smoke detectors in our building and Keith was egging him on. I know Roy was trying to help get our manager here, but the fire department came instead. Oh, and we (the complex) has another page of violations in the file (due to the CO monitors.)

One of the shinigami "visited" the pool at school. Seems a student died there earlier today (last I heard there's going to be an autopsy performed on the victim.) He (the victim) was only 19. Daiba knew something was wrong when he recognized the shinigami in his "work clothes" (that's when he turned away from the monitors.) No, Daiba doesn't watch random swimming sessions: he set up a system that "trips" whenever one or more of us enter the pool area.

Oops, gotta go. Roy and Keith are at it again, and I think they're targeting the upstairs neighbors (those ba$tards.)

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
Everybody had fun today "playing" with all of the drunks, especially Wren. All Wren had to do was remove his cap and the drunkard would sober up rather quick. Kazuya's trick sobered several rather quickly, too, although not as fast as Wren's method (Kazuya compels his "victim" into looking directly into his eyes, then uses the victim's fears to get him/her to do everything he wants.) Roy ignited a few fires, about the size one sees a smoker using to light his/her cigarette.

Anyway. the newbies watched me do my shtick, switching to Gaelic every time I was bothered by someone who had too much green beer for breakfast.

Anyway, we made several Irish cream ice cream pies as well as mutton stew (we're having the pies before bed as a special treat) and the :kitty:s are having :kitty: lamb stew tinned food as today's treat. The dogs had their version of lamb stew, some of the werefolk trying out both the human and the canine versions, preferring the human version of the stew.

Oops, Keith has one of the pies, and it looks like he's about to eat the whole thing by himself. Keith, you're gonna get sick! Tesshou, Kazuya, Akihito, would you help me here, please?

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
Maes was crying earlier. Hell, he's cried himself to sleep for several weeks.

According to "the horse" (Roy Mustang), it turns out that his online penpal has been telling him about his parents' divorce and the boy seems to realize something's really wrong, but can't put what into words. Maes wants to send the boy a plane ticket or ask Wren to pick the boy up and bring him here. Less involved people warned him that, if he brought the boy here, he would be arrested and charged with kidnapping and bringing the youth across state lines.

I can understand his helplessness to a point. I mean, he lost his family in the war, so he's gets rather attached to those who can get close to him. Maes needs to take some time away from the boy's e-mails and the boy needs to talk with somebody who can show him that his parents don't feel different towards him even though they are breaking up and he's got someone who will be a relatively sane adult figure (so that leaves out Keith, Keigo, Yogi and a few others.)

I think I'll have Maes sleep in the cattery tonight. Gotta get his bedroll, a temporary alternative shelter and a few other things ready for his sojourn in the feline domain.

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
They're getting ready for the annual pig-out (and quite a few look more than eager to "chow down", especially Keith, who's licking his chops.) Oh, and my friends Tyler and America are renting out space for the Easter candy that the kids/"kids" are getting from the Easter Egg hunts (we're providing security again this year, and not for the place that still requires the security detail to wear bunny ears. *facepalmheaddeskwallbuilding*)

I felt sorry for the family who is helping us with our seder because they ran into Kazuya and Keith before anybody could forewarn them about the pair, then they encountered the werefolk in their Afghan hound-like forms. The patriarch of the family needed a good stiff drink before we could get down to brass tacks (seems he gazed into Kazuya's eye a bit too long. :eek: :p) Oh, and I contacted the stores and the delivery guys about our requirements next week (can't be too early or it will be difficult for everybody.)

The :kitty:s and the dogs are getting a special delivery, too (can't leave them out, y'know.) Turns out that Fishy Feast and Liver Lunch are both okay for the :kitty:s as long as they aren't opened before the end of next week, but Kanine Krunchies isn't okay due to a few of the ingredients (will talk with the people at the pet supply shop about alternatives.)

Oops, gotta go. Seems someone has found Kirishima's secret stash and Kei's on the warpath due to the macroeconomics textbook and the topology textbook being MIA (yes, those are a couple of his favorite books [he's weird, as are most of "the clan"].) :rolleyes:

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
Last Friday was real interesting. It actually started Thursday, but Friday made it even moreso since several of us had doctors' appointments Thursday and the lab work wasn't ordered beforehand (several of us had to do a fasting blood draw [I was one] while others just had to go through a blood draw.) One of the other patients complained that we cut in front of him (I didn't argue, especially since everybody had their stuff ready while the other patient didn't [not even a current health insurance card on hand].)

Friday, we had to go back and, while waiting for the bus, a lady and her son came up to us. When she asked about paying the fare, I turned to Alberto and had him take over the conversation (the lady had a rather distinctive Italian accent very similar to Alberto's, so I assumed that they could communicate far better.) Anyway, one of the caseworkers at my "bank" saw us and asked me why we weren't at the event that morning. I flatly told her that we were undergoing a fasting blood test and we couldn't even wet our lips with anything, plus with so many of us going, we had to get there before 11 am in order to get everybody in. Suoh was one of the others who couldn't eat or drink before his lab work, and he's not exactly friendly with those who pester him too much (Asami doesn't like to be around them, either, but he's less of a threat than his security chief or his private secretary if he's fasting.)

Anyway, the patient from the previous day was there, and he tried to get in front of us (which was a bad idea) and the hospital's security guards removed the lone patient to the main hospital before they needed to bring a gurney (for him, not any of us.) We were finally finished with our labs roughly around 3.15 pm and everybody chowed down on the stuff we picked up at the store before our "appointments". The annoying patient came up to us and started pestering Kazuya, Shigure and Clare (which, on their own, is bad enough...) I think he went in-patient... Several of the guys were treated to ice cream sandwiches that were in the cafeteria's vending machines ("Not as good as Suoh's but better than Orihime's...") before we returned home to the chaos called the apartment complex.

Oops, gotta go. Looks like there are preparations for some April Fool's pranks, and it seems one of the ringleaders is Ryoutou.

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
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We had a visit from the men in blue earlier today. Seems a six year old girl was found with an "adults-only" manga that I last saw two weeks ago (along with thirty dollars cash and a couple of just-refilled prescriptions) and they wanted to ask me a few questions about the manga. Hell, if it wasn't for the fact that the next-closest laundromat is three miles away, we'd completely boycott the place we went to. I asked the gentlemen one question: if I knew what the "comic book" contained, why the fook would I let someone so young look at it in the building, let alone give the "comic book" to her? I mean, it was a manga about yakuza, and it got rather graphic. What I wonder is how the little girl got her hands on that particular manga, especially when it was underneath the bag with my medications.

After they left, "the clan" started making stuff to "break" Passover (what's a better reason for breaking out the yeast and making regular pizzas than taking out one's aggression and having something temporarily prohibited?) We also had kettles of miso soup (courtesy of both Kei and Suoh) and various Japanese noodle salads (again, courtesy of Kei.) We finished it off with individual date nut coffee cakes (that way, it would be more difficult for someone [or several someones] to eat themselves sick.) Tomorrow, we're retrieving the Easter candy from Tyler and America (those with a sweet tooth are looking forward to that excursion.)

Oops, gotta go. A couple of neighbors are pestering Clare, and her eyes are turning yellow.

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
Another group of newbies arrived. Luckily, only one or two of them are humanoids (the rest are some kind of critter, ranging from chipmunks to :kitty:s to a bear.) What's interesting about this group is that the creatures are students of the humans, as in elementary and secondary school students.) I have started making a makeshift classroom-like setting for them as well as a nice setting for the times they are not "in school". I've introduced Yuki and Nora (two of the :kitty:s) to lamb chops au natural (I just popped them in tinfoil, wrapped them up nicely, then baked them at 425 until they were nice and rare.) Nora enjoyed his chop immensely, leaving nothing but the bone.

Oh, G!ddess, how am I going to explain the wildlife in my apartment to my apartment manager, especially the bear? *headdesk*

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine