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("...and with this post I may now post pictures here..." smiled the goblin needing advice as to how about starting his own edit thread in the writing section, explaining "...just I need a thread to edit my posts upon...")
Most of "the clan" is miserable due to the cold weather (the only exceptions are the snow spirits, and they don't think it's cold enough [:p spirits].) On top of that, I was chewed out by most of the human/oid members for letting my blood sugar get too low last Wednesday night/Thursday morning (the non-humanoid members let their displeasure be known via quick swipes to my ankles, which I had to clean with Betadine.) Both Suoh and Kei presented me with glucose tablet tubes (Suoh's tube contains raspberry-flavoured tablets, Kei's tube has tropical fruit-flavoured tablets) before I went to my clinic (oh, and they both glared at me before handing them over.) Jin gave me a heat-and-eat lunch of vegetarian pad thai with the warning that, if I bring it home tonight, "obaa-san" will let her displeasure with me be known (I dread what Torugai-sensei would do, as does everybody else.)

Before you ask, my blood sugar was so low last Wednesday/Thursday that I went into seizure. Wren found out and transported me himself (sometimes I love that cyborg/android, sometimes I want to kick him [but I'm afraid I'll break my foot, earning a trip to either the podiatrist or the orthopedic surgeon, which I can ill afford].) The veteran members of "the clan" took charge, dictating what everybody else was going to do (wish that I was a fly on the wall, watching/listening to Captain Valentiano issuing orders. *wink*) Luckily there weren't any more additions to the group.

Oops, gotta go. I spy Soi Fong, and she just might feed me my dinner without cooking it beforehand. *shiver*

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
(returned, Phyllis's notification had pulled the goblin back to their forum one last time, ", I shouldn't be here even as they're vetting poster's posts where clearly this has to be one of those goblins may not apply type forums, just "freedom of speech" in the context of their approved posts only..." he voiced to himself while typing out his mind out into the slot's mouth in passing, aware that this post too would probably just be vetted away unposted, much like the others had, should he ever hit the post button here without first saving it's contents to another forum in his defense, then adding "...and besides too, if they start by vetting how one posts, next they'll tell you what to post too, along down a path to what they believe in only, becoming an impasse not of my making yet one not worth compromising to neither, for if my posts show no malice, then where I post should be ample proof to the reader here of the forum's sincerity towards such concepts as "freedom of expression" and "interfaith" too...", and with that the goblin was away again, yes he was never an easy poster to begin with, but time was just too short to be otherwise he felt)
The "newbies" found out something rather interesting (to their dismay): avoid making certain "veterans" of "the clan" :mad:, or one will regret it.

"What happened?" you ask?

Some of the "newbies" crossed a few of the claymores, a couple of the magic users and Shigure, our resident "weapons master". Lucky for the "newbies", I got home before too much bloodshed occurred. Then, again, they were lucky that the yakuza and the Triad members didn't join in "the fun" (gunplay, anyone?) I walked in after getting home from a presentation to find Seishiro starting to cast one of his spells (and he's the one that leaves only a pile of sakura petals behind where his intended victim stood.) Then, if that wasn't bad enough, Master Torugai would send them to Nayugu (where the flying insects are so big that an adult can ride a bee without causing said bee any trouble.)

Oops, gotta go. Mamoru's dealing with a challenger, and he has unsheathed his sword cane. Mamoru! Stand down! Nova, can you help here, please?

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
The "newbies" learned (the hard way) not to :mad: the yakuza, Triad and the cyborg/android members today.

"What did they do?" you ask?

A few started teasing our "quieter" Oriental underworld figures. The "victims" of the shootout learned that flying lead can hurt. :( Then a few started on Wren and found out that he doesn't need either a handgun, a rifle or a shotgun (he uses hand cannons.)

Needless to say, the "newbies" are currently taking over the friendly neighborhood laundromat (I didn't realize that seasoned veterans could fill their shorts so quickly, or aromatically. :p)

Oh, and "the clan" attended Bill Nye's presentation (I can't understand the different languages/dialects spoken, so I can't tell you how they ["the clan" members] felt about it.)

Oops, gotta go. Chii and her ilk are looking at me, and I think they're picturing either Liver Lunch or Fishy Feast delights. Okay, okay. I'm going. Sheesh.

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
Several of "the clan" have signed up for an "interesting" revue. What makes it "interesting" is that it's going to be a "drag" revue, as in the performers are required to perform as transvestites (think Rocky Horror Picture Show's Dr. Frank N. Furter.) Just in case anybody out there isn't familiar with the cult classic, here's a link to the IMdB article: The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) - IMDb

I can't wait to see what they do... *evil:D*

Oh, and the snow spirits have been rather naughty, playing outside while everybody else has been shivering at the mere thought of stepping out.

Oh, and the yakuza and the Triad members have found out that I don't really pay attention to the Olympics, whether actively betting on something or just passively watching what's going on "over there" in Sochi (except for one of the the Austrian women's downhill skiers, but only because she's actively supporting a worthwhile cause: the CCF [Cheetah Conservation Foundation].) You can easily spot her due to the fact that she uses a faux cheetah pattern somewhere on her outfit, even if it's only a bit on her helmet.

Ah, one of the shinigami has returned from his assignment. Gotta get the grub going.

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
The guys saw something last night on campus that got them laughing.

"What was it?" you ask?

One of the campus van service drivers got pulled over by a black-and-white. The guys didn't go over to listen to the "conversation", so nobody has the details on my end. What makes it funny is that the van service drivers have to be more careful driving since they are responsible for people who either can't or won't drive/take public transportation. One of the wanzer pilots (Ryogo) had a real good time passing the time on the bus stop ( :p Ryogo.) He got so many people laughing at his antics that everybody nearly missed the bus.

*sigh* What will I do with Ryogo? *shakes head*
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'Tis Mardi Gras/Carneval season, and several of "the guys" got a little too into the celebrations (think paczkis and other rather rich, sweet items.) Unfortunately, a few of them are regretting the prune-filled paczkis (the "victims" don't seem to learn. :rolleyes:)

Tomorrow, Alberto's going to one of the Ash Wednesday masses (he is Catholic, y'know.)

Oops. I'll have to update tomorrow, especially "The Prune Paczkis" Incident.

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
My sincerest apologies for the delay (too many "Prune Paczki Victims" [had to call in a plumber]. :eek: :() Albert found a different church to attend Ash Wednesday services (away from the Catholic high school girls who wouldn't listen to his refusals.)

Anyhow, we all went to a new (to us) Indian restaurant, and enjoyed their buffet (some more than others.) The instructor for my meditation class was rather impressed with our knowledge about the food (especially when discussing the different curries and the traditional recipe for tandoori chicken [yoghurt and a certain blend of spices are used to flavour the birds, which gave a couple of the other students a "heads up" {lactose intolerant}].) She kind of regrets my not taking the class again (with my "insider's knowledge" of the food industry.)

We ("the clan") just walked over to the restaurant (I joked about having walked farther with both a broken ankle and a sprained ankle than the distance to the meeting place.) The only problem we encountered were "pro-life" protesters who tried to tell all of the female/"female" members of our group about why abortion is just wrong (I told a few of them that I can't have live children, and the Claymores showed them why they can't have successful pregnancies either.) Oh, and FeiLong told them that he can't have children, but can father children in the future if he wanted and Mieu just told them that she's an android (ah, the looks on their faces were priceless! :D)

Oops, gotta go. I'm getting some interesting looks from several of the guys, especially Kei and Suoh (Asami's right eyebrow has just risen as in "Are you going to challenge us or are you going to play it safe?" look. :eek:)

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
Everyone who is old enough to enjoy Irish coffee and/or Irish Cream coffee had some today (I had Irish Cream-flavoured chocolate instead because I'm not much into coffee.) We also served some somewhat traditional food (bangers and mash, Irish mutton stew [pseudo-mutton for those of us that are vegetarian], colcannon, Guiness cake, etc.) We're avoiding the "pub crawls" as much as possible due to too many people that won't say no to another potent potable. Luckily, the public transportation is free right now until the end of regularly scheduled hours (especially with some of the guys... :eek:.)

The :kitty: delegation has been enjoying lamb-flavoured crunchies as a treat (just to give them something different for Purim/St. Patrick's Day.) Suoh was cute carefully fighting off clowders of :kitty:s coming from all directions that they could, trying to keep from unintentional harm.) The other non-humanoid delegations were treated to special dinners, too (at least, the ones that aren't hibernating.)

Oops, gotta go. The people in charge of the Union just gave the 5-minute warning.

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
Spring Break is almost over (thank the PtBs [in a way]) and some of us that had class cancellations (signed up for other ones [hopefully these won't be cancelled as well].) On top of all of that, March Madness is still going on even though our college team lost in the first bracket (although I don't really pay any attention to that BS/MS/PhD since the fate of the universe doesn't depend on who wins a sports event.)

Oh, and everybody in "the clan" found out that the founder of the Westboro Baptist Church died (I just mentioned it to them; I'm rather ambivalent about his death [or is it that I'm a bit apathetic about it? :confused:].) The discussion started when one of the Claymores asked who Fred Phelps was...

Albert found a video on YouTube that he really enjoyed immensely. It was from the Italian version of The Voice, where a rather youthful nun sang. What was rather amusing was that, within 1 1/2 minutes of her starting, all of the judges turned their chairs around and were practically floored when they saw who it was. Heck, I could visualize a couple of them blurting out something rather rude/inappropriate. I might post a link to the video in the YouTube thread here (in case there are any members who are more fluent in Italian than I am.)

Oh, and the :kitty: delegation's in the proverbial doghouse (they let a couple of the neighbors know their displeasure, and six of them are intact tomcats [have to make an appointment for their neutering].) Well, as anybody who has ever smelled "eau de Intact Tomcat", it is rather memorable, no matter how long ago one has smelled it, plus it can totally ruin certain fabrics/surfaces...

Oops, gotta go. Albert wants to listen to the nun perform again. :rolleyes: Might have to bribe him with it (Easter's coming up within a fortnight...)

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
I had to bribe several of the guys by showing them an "interesting" thread (several of "the clan" want me to "replicate" the item if at all possible.)

"What was the thread of?" you ask?

A delicious ham that is completely kosher and practically vegetarian (and a tad sweet.)

Before anybody jumps the gun, the thread was a series of photos of a "ham" cake (vanilla), complete with gum paste "peppercorns".

I'm kinda wondering what InLove would've thought about it herself (Shadow Nightstalker still misses her occasionally.)

Oh, and while I was showing everyone the cake, one of the other members of "the clan" clicked on a link to an article about some anti-Westboro Baptist Church "protests" (they were much nicer to the bereaved than said "church" has been to those who don't fit their "mould".) A few of "the guys" want to follow the tenets of the "protesters", kinda throwing mud in the "faithful"s' eyes. :eek:

Oops, gotta go. Takaba is looking at the "ham" a bit too intently...

Phyllis Sidhe_Uiane
It was a good thing that Kanou wasn't at the show (Ayase participated in a gag that might've gotten the emcee killed if Kanou was there to see it.)

"Why?" you ask?

Kanou is rather - um - possessive of Ayase, and Ayase pretended to be a helluva lot younger than he is for the gag (as in still in middle school instead of a college student.) He (Ayase) wore his middle school uniform (the kid can still wear it with no alterations d@mnit) and everybody in the audience just howled with laughter at the emcee's reaction to Ayase's last line in the gag ("I'm graduating middle school.")

Oh, and several of the guys performed while the scheduled performers were still getting ready (Cross, Lucifer and several of the other professional performers got bigger ovations than the people scheduled [much to their chagrin].) It was lucky that we didn't bring the non-humanoid delegation or the drag show would've had to pay the entertainment without them even setting foot on the stage (almost happened with the humanoid delegation, anyway. :rolleyes:) Pounce (the UWM mascot) had an impromptu performance of the Pink Panther theme (although Pounce is black, not pink, but who cares?)

There were a couple of people signing in "English" for the hearing impaired while Tsukahara signs for Tooru (they "speak" Japanese Sign Language, not American Sign Language), and the male interpreter was somewhat overwhelmed by "the guys" (although not as much as the female one...) I don't remember the man's name (I'm almost as bad at names as I am at faces) but he's had a couple of meetings with Tsukahara and Tooru since the event (they're teaching each other their mutual languages just in case they want to "chat" between classes or whatnot.)

Oh, and I was just reminded about the big news; "the clan" probably will end up moving out of the current apartment sometime this year (if my current caseworker gets her act together [and if grandma had wheels, she's be a bus...].) She (my caseworker) still hasn't gotten the stuff I need for my Homestead refund, and I keep reminding her to follow up on it every time I see her. *headdesk*

Oops, gotta go. Koru and Nora are looking at me in such a way that, if I don't tend to their desires, I might get banned from campus (bringing a full-grown jaguar can wreak havoc in public places...)

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
We're undergoing the annual "pig out" (when everybody eats whatever they want, including pizza and/or cold cereal) to clear out as much of the food as we can, plus I've contacted a new person to keep the Easter baskets/treats this year (our old "guardians of the goodies" no longer live in Milwaukee, but I found someone else who does and she's relatively trustworthy.) We're still selling the unopened stuff to Tyler and America for a dime, but the Easter baskets are going to Angie (another one of our gaming group.)

Suoh was stopped by the group from the not-that-reputable church (the one that wanted everybody to wear bunny ears, including the security detail.) Apparently they have rather poor face-recollection and/or they're face-blind, but Suoh's one of the main reasons we don't help with that church's Easter Egg Hunt (he's just a bit terrifying when he's doing security detail, and the bunny ears seem a bit out of place on him [especially if/when he's dealing with someone who needs dealing with].) He (Suoh) just hung the guy from a fencepost by his shirt collar, but not before the guy left an aromatic puddle on the sidewalk if you ken my meaning. Majima started giggling in his peculiar way (one more reason he's called "Mad Dog" Majima) and the woman who was with Suoh's "victim" ran away.

Oh, we're hosting the huge seder again and the usual deliveries are going to start coming in sometime tomorrow afternoon (including a couple of semis delivering food for the non-humanoid delegation.) I hope we aren't going to have any trouble, especially with the new landlords (it's difficult getting some ideas through to new people, y'ken.)

Oops, gotta go. The priest from the less-than-reputable church has just cornered Wren, and Wren's powering up his pulse vulcan...

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
Another day, another convoy of delivery trucks. We have so bloody many members of our "clan" that we have the cell phone numbers of most of our usual drivers (will make stuff as thank yous when Passover's over.)

Oh, and we're participating in Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and next Wednesday everybody will wear something denim (can't wait to see some of the guys in jeans [*evil:D*].) The :kitty: delegation's going to sport denim collars and Dog's got his denim "bandana" ready (the only thing left is herding :kitty:s. *headdesk*) Several of the felines have already made their opinions known across plenty of knuckles (*SWIPE*) and Mieu's been tending every recipient (gotta get her something to show our appreciation.)

And an update about the Drag Show: Kanou found out about Ayase's part (speaking of certain abuses of power...) He (Kanou) found out that, when Torugai tells you to chill, you chill. For a "kindly" grandmother, she can be rather overbearing (plus, I guess she gave him a heavy dose of something that knocked him completely out, the minx.)

Oops, gotta go. Koru and Kuma are after an idiot who threw stones at them. Nova, Wren, Haruto, can you lend a hand before something nasty happens?

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
The presentation by Garrison Keillor just ended, and "the clan" is grateful (not big fans of him, I suspect.) Everybody ducked into the computer lab, some logging on (including "yours truly") and the androids/cyborgs have opted to charge up their power sources. Wren and Mieu are getting interesting looks from several people (I guess one should expect that, considering the circumstances.)

We're off to a rather rough start, finals-wise, since the the previous chancellor is now affiliated with the Jesuit university (a new commission has formed for the search, and the interim chancellor is preparing for the upcoming graduations.) We're still using the room we've "rented" as a "private lunchroom", and the "lease" will be up at the end of the semester.

We've been invited to a university prom sponsored by the LGBT student union. We might go (hope that the professional "talent" don't create difficulties with the rest of the entertainment.

Oh, and we're getting ready for the annual charity bashes, both the food drive through the post office and the "block party" for the Childrens' Miracle Network. Oh, it's going to be a real blast. *evil:D* We've sent that one sassy receptionist a "heads up" already...

Oops, gotta go. Mr. Keillor just ran into Wren. :eek: :p

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
Just finished with the LGBT Center's graduation ceremony (several of the graduates asked "the guys" to attend the campus-wide ceremony to act as their surrogate families.) A few of the students are having a tough time of it being cast out of their fundie-type families due to their identification, and they found some solace with "the clan" (who took them under their wings [within reason].)

Oh, and the students have been invited to our annual Childrens' Miracle Network block party/fund raiser (I didn't invite them, the others did.) Can't wait to see how they react to one of our biggest events (especially Emba's early morning wake-up call via conch shell. :confused: :eek: :eek:) We're getting everything ready right now (setting up the rental agreements and making lists of what treats to provide.) Suoh's also ordering the ingredients for the Memorial Day Fish Boil (one of the ingredients is kerosene [don't ask].)

Oh, yes, I almost forgot. Farmers Market season's coming up. Gotta go since I'm being pestered by several members of our "talent", including Nora the :kitty:...

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
The Party Has Started!

Actually, it started yesterday (Monday) at the crack of dawn, Emba's silhouette framed by the early sunrise. Unfortunately for a few idjits that decided to party way into the night, conch shells have a particular vibration that works almost as well as an alarm clock.

The snow spirits have been camping out in the treat vans (freezers and the like cranked all the way to below freezing) and they still kvetch about it being too bloody hot for them. I guess that they can't wait to go back to Antarctica ( :p spirits.) They're selling Snoopy ice cream bars like they're going out of style (especially to a certain photographer who shall remain Takaba Akihito) and they're expecting a shipment or two to replenish their supplies.

Speaking of Emba and Takaba, the photographer sent the radio station several photos from yesterday (he'll send more tomorrow) and Emba got a fan letter from the station's receptionist (something in the realm of "SQUEAL!")

Another thing, the :kitty: delegation watched a viral video of another member of their species tackling a larger dog away from a 4-year-old boy. They sure enjoy watching her slamming into the pooch. :rolleyes:

Oh, and one of the shinigami worked on Sunday. You see, someone who used to come to the radio station passed away from pancreatic cancer, and the shinigami found out he was selected to "help" the man transition. Oh well, every job has its downside.

Oops, gotta go. Kuma has been roused by someone who was escorted off the general premises last night, and NObody wants to save his a$$ets.

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
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The snow spirits are back in Antarctica and the rest of us have been going anywhere that it's somewhat quiet and reasonably cool, especially after the major storms that have passed through the area. I hate to say this though: the thunderstorms were quieter than the neighbors, even when the severe weather sirens went off and the hail pelted the windows.

I have gotten rather upset with the atmosphere in the complex to the point that I'm looking for a new place to live. Relax, everybody's going to come with me (they hate it more than I do, especially the members who are harassed by the neighbors as well as the non-humanoid members.)

We have a standing invitation to the Saturday (Caturday) Farmers Market to act as the entertainment after the free exercise "classes" that are being held there. Oh, and we're also invited to use the campus pool to get more exercise and cool off during the really warm weather (no cameras involved, sorry.)

Oops, gotta go. They're turning off the lights.

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
We were "buzzed" by the Blue Angels who were practicing their aereobatic performance Friday for the Air Show (which was cancelled due to the weather, which included both heavy fog and severe thunderstorms.) Nova and Wren kept their ears/"ears" open just in case there was trouble, but their services weren't needed (luckily.)

Everybody stayed pretty much indoors this past weekend, commiserating with each other about how things were going concerning our search for a new apartment complex (seems that there were complaints from neighbors concerning how many people/"people" were coming and going from my particular apartment.) Alas, the best place we've found is more than three times the rent for a one-bedroom flat. I wish I could afford to rent/buy a place that's big enough to house everybody without having to worry about cramped conditions. *facepalm*

Oops, gotta go. The computer lab's closing.

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