Happy Birthday Thomas!

Dang! I was hoping for two lots of presents!

Although I like chocolate, for some inexplicable reason I'm not a fan of chocolate cake. The tiramisu, however, is entirely acceptable.


fire brigade.jpg

It's a birthday drill. We were just practicing in case there was an unexpected birthday. You gotta have an escape plan and be ready for these emergencies. Make way for the birthday brigade. Be prepared for the surprise.:D
Happy belated birthday Thomas. Grey hair and age is wisdom! Hee Hee Hee.
Now me being an old fashioned man I thought you would prefer an old favourite, yes you've guessed it creme caramel!!:)
Just how my mum used to make it:p



Bonap-petit old boy!
Ah, I'm late! A belated Happy Birthday, Thomas! May you have plenty of chocolate cake! :)
Hey! This is cool! Thomas gets multiple birthdays! Now they are either way late or very early...either way he makes out like a Bandit!
Hmmm...I thought the fire truck might be to put out the candles... :D

Um . . . Thomas, sorry. This might be a bit late, but I think we might have forgotten your birthday after that early false alarm.:rolleyes:

But I'll say it now . . .

Happy birthday!