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  • Penguin, if you ever stumble across **** You, Penguin — I want you to know the author is not me.
    dude I have that same avatar on my hardrive somewhere, only with color!!!
    It's a wonderful day for penguins...the rest of us need to bundle up a bit...even in Florida.
    Thanks for the message yeah it makesx a large void I made a nice angel image of her, placed it on the gallery here. I'll throw up a pic of the pup (Roxy). :D
    Slow down, sweet talking woman, hold on. Hold on sweet talking woman! you got me runnin' you got me searchin'... *bops head*

    They seek him here, they seek him there.... Those Frenchies! Seek him everywhere! I've been about, not really you know... Been in to it all and been taking time out brother... Lost one of my dogs over the end of last month... Dizzy (pbuh) And we also now have a new pup in the pack and it's been hectic and chaotic teaching her lol got next week off from work so looking forward to that one...

    Dizzy (pbuh) can never be replaced, but we can love again. Been a real rough last couple weeks heh, also missed a mortgage payment on a house but luckily that was all resolved yesterday now all I have left to face is the Vet fees.... Joy.

    Hope all is good with you.

    *moons walks off stage side left*
    You mean you're checking in the chez Thomas? It's bloomin freezin outside! I'll have to defrost that cheesecake I was saving ... or maybe you could squeeze into the juice rack on the door?

    Hey, how's it going?
    mmmmmm, yes definatlely Stafford in one and Bully in the other. So cute, and I bet they are soooooo loyal. My old girl, Abi, is a stafford and she is fantastic.
    Your dogs are soooooo nice, i love the picture when he has his head on the side , they look so cute doing that
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