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I hope it's ok to change my user name. :p It was Cage, but I have experienced a great deal of freedom since joining here, and I feel like I'm exactly where I need to be. I feel more free today than I have in years, so it's only appropriate to change it.

On a side note, I've learned a great deal from the members here, you are all such wonderful people, so thank you for helping me along my path, and putting up with me. :D Anyway, I hope to continue learning and growing; your influence has been invaluable to me. I only wish more knew how great a place this really is.

Much Love,

Namaste James,

Cage...when we think of what that conjures up, enlsaving, capturing, keeping against ones will, barred from the outside world, a level of protection from the other side (either side), a perceived danger...

James, fourth desciple called, After first calling forth faith, strength and love to join him on his quest, Jesus called James, the brother of love, representing good judgement, justice, wisdom.

Paul says, I die daily. An acorn must die to being a seed, in order to become the mighty oak.

We enjoyed you Cage, and I am sure as you've decided to shed that shell, open that door, we will enjoy James all the more, welcome.