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63 take to the desert island to which you have just been consigned (the reason for your consignment there is academic, maybe its crimes against sartorial elegance).

Anyway, what are those three books and why have you chosen them?

(I shall go a-rummaging in the bookcase of my mind…)

On the road - it's my favorite book, and might help me to see the beauty and joy of being consigned to a desert island.
David Copperfield - another favorite, and its longer than your average book so that might come in handy.
and, assuming I'm going to be there on my own, The Big Bumper Book of Porn.
lol... at least ur honest, cav...

I'd take: the bible: not just to read, but also in case I run out of ciggie papers (all the lags use it for skins in jail, dontya know..)

I'd take- meditation on emptiness, the 1968 doctoral thesis of paul hopkins, which I was given by a monk some years ago and could read again and again...

and I'd also take- the principle upanisads, edited by Radhakrshnan, which I bought for 10p in a library sale, and could read at least another 20 or so times before I get it all...
The Bible for endless thinking, a desert island survival guide for obvious reasons and the biggest volume of poetry I could find.
A hard back copy of War And Peace- not to read- it'd make a gr8 weapon (anything that can survive a crack on the head from that deserves to win) and it'd be useful if I ran out of fire wood or toilet paper...

The Princess Bride by William Goldman- it's the only book I know that can put a smile on my face and make me laugh no matter what.

Ummm... I'm torn between the Bible or that Bumper Book Of Porn... (maybe if I slip one inside the other?)
Both. You nit-picker. No desserts either, before you ask.:p

Both. You nit-picker. No desserts either, before you ask.:p

too late, I already asked about the deserted island (one with desserts)!
or a high amount of empty calories?
so now it is a desert deserted island...or a deserted desert island...better bring a one of the foxfires or a book on simple desalination or gathering water from the air...ah...better learn that before I get there... hmmm don't know why I'd have to hide my bible in a porn book...don't really think the porn would help that long anyway... so I'd say a bible would be one of the books...gotta be another one that would cause long hours of contemplation and not problematic with reading over and over... the Gita would provide plenty to contrast and compare with...a thesaurus actually wouldn't be bad...with the two previous books I could play for hours creating new and obtuse meanings of various sections...and even make some lines probably word for word exact replicas!

But probably a book on glass making would be handy...plenty of sand

I've got it, how about a book of tickets home!
Well, I like Prober's choices. Beyond that, I think I would simply opt for an empty notebook and a refillable pen. Hopefully, I'd make some kind of contact by the time the cartridges ran out--otherwise we will start carving with natural materials. :)
too late, I already asked about the deserted island (one with desserts)! so now it is a desert deserted island...or a deserted desert island...

good grief charlie brown you're confusing my deserts with my desserts!:p

it's a desert made out of custard, how's that?

For never-ending amusement perhaps Colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi's Green Book. (I like the guy, sort of, but his writing is ever an enigma to me).

For practicality, "Eat Sand to stay fit and preserve your health" by Ram Rati

And the pop up book of useable sailing vessels.

If on an Island I would take

The Tibetan Book of the Dead... I just got an English translation and at the rate I am going with it, that would last me a good long time...

And... gack!! This is really hard... Ok... let me think about books that have brought me joy...

A large anthology of LM Montgomery books that I was goven as a child. For those of you who don't know that is the author of "Anne of Green Gables"

And "Fall on your Knees" I really like that book
This lifetime I shall be mostly reading…

In the Buddha’s Words: An Anthology of Discourses from the Pali Canon. Edited and introduced by Bhikkhu Bodhi.
Selected “core” suttas arranged into thematic chapters and with an excellent introduction by Bhikkhu Bodhi at the beginning of each one. So every time I read this I get more out of it.

The Compass of Zen. By Korean Zen Master Seung Sahn. A perceptive, incisive, and rather quirky tour of Buddhism that educates, challenges and amuses me.

Complete Prose. Woody Allen. Funny and provocative every time I read it.