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When I first discovered this site I was quite excited at the idea of being able to express thoughts, correct or incorrect as they might be, in order to explore concepts of faith and how the presence of god works in the lives of many people from a spectum of many faiths. Maybe I got the wrong impression on what is this forum board at comparative religion's design, and I apologise now if this thread is way off original topic and not suitable here.

I had thought that through the reading of the boards I would see some stories of inspiration among the various groups of faith, especially from the Christian groups where my own spiritual journey seeks direction.

Does anyone here dare to share any particular workings of God within their own life? I realise that the opening of personal experiences of God to the critical examination of the world is something that some people do no take lightly and I would ask that maybe in just this thread, no such critical examination of other peoples thoughts and experiences would take place.

I personally learn much of God by seeing the living results of prayer and faith of God, (or Jesus and Sprit) in the lives of other people. I really would love to hear any stories of great faith..:)
Namaste Star,

You've slipped in at what seems to be a particularly turbulent time...but I think it relates fully to your post. While it may be hard to currently see G-d involved in some of our discussions of late...I know he is there.

I say this because in my life over and over seemingly bad, incongruous, unwanted occurances have constantly lead to bigger and better things. This creation, our world and its ebb and flow...its natural laws...if we watch, listen and learn it teaches us all the time. All of life's experiences percieved to be negative or postive over time coalesce into this which is me today. And while some of them are painful memories...I couldn't be here now, sitting and contemplating how truly wonderful it all is, and how grateful I am to be here...if one of those changed 10, 20, 40 years ago.

It is said that G-d works in mysterious ways, and G-d can only do for you what G-d can do through blessings are numerous...and those that come back and remind me of the one thing I said, or the one thing I did, that had an impact in their lives are numerous as well. But the surprise is always...If I was teaching at the time, I didn't think they were listening...or I was just being me...and didn't even know I had done/said anything of import... But G-d connects us at times...and not only with lessons for us to provide but lessons for us to learn...

gotta love it.

thanx for the contemplation...
Hi Star,

I answered you in PM, hope that helped. Just thought I'd say hi and look forwards to seeing more threads and posts by you.