What's Your Sign, Baby?

What's Your Sign, Bayyybeeee?

  • Will Work For Food

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Will Work For Good

    Votes: 3 18.8%
  • Will Work For God

    Votes: 1 6.3%
  • Work Sucks

    Votes: 3 18.8%
  • Will Work For Pot

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Will Work For Pot, then won't work for a while

    Votes: 1 6.3%
  • Work It

    Votes: 8 50.0%

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Okay, the poll is a joke. Do it anyway.

I found this cool kind of poetic and artistic site that gives information on most of the sun signs. Apparently it's a work in progress, so if your sun sign falls after Scorpio, you are among the neglected at this point. The rest of us are the site's chosen ones at the present moment and can access all sorts of information about our zodiacological influences by clickin' here or up there where it says "sun signs"<--or right here where it says "sun signs"--hahah this could go on and on and on.
By the hammer of Thor!!

That is a mountain of steamy bull... ;/ I am the only one who thinks work sucks ass?
I think it is a matter of perspective. We make choices. We don't have to work...of course then we may not get the benefits that a paycheck provides. All choices...
I don't know--but I'm a Gemini!!!!

*wink wink*

(trying to get some astrological discussion up in here before this thread gets kicked into the lounge)

looks around nervously to make sure moderators are not yet paying attention

*sheepish laughter* heh heh

:D :p
This purple. :)

(Well, it worked before I posted--it isn't purple now, no matter how you look at it, but I tried!)
Those of us who are cursed by being born under the sign of the fish that swims two ways know what we're here for. We are to live two lives, one to create the new, and the other to work for the purposes of living. One feeds the other as a system for survival, joy...pain...suffering.

Yeah...working sucks. But when put into this sort of a perspective becomes more meaningful for me. But, YOU HAVE TO DO THE CREATING PART FOR THE SPIRITUAL BENEFIT OF OTHERS IN ADDITION TO DOING IT FOR THE SPIRITUAL BENEFITTING OF SELF.

That's why "work it" was my choice.

Virgo Sun and Uranus conjunct midheaven, Libra Moon conjunct Venus, Libra Mercury, Sag ascendant (only fire in chart!), Cancer Mars, Mars/Jupiter/Neptune Grand Trine in Kite with Sun/Uranus head, Jupiter tail.
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Aquarius? That is a great sign. The ram was the symbol of the Egyptian era. The fish was/is the sign of the Christian era. The water waves will be the symbol of the approaching age of Aquarius. (Note the procession of astrological signs, in reverse order, through history.)

By the way, the main aspect of Aquarius is a wave. It has definitely manifested itself already as a wave -- electric and magnetic waves. Look at how electricity (and the Internet!) has taken over our lives.

Congrats on being an Aquarian. You are one of the forerunners of a new age.
Hi Nick--

I think flow is a Pisces. I know because I am the resident Aquarian, and that connects me to him in a big way (well, there are some others here of said species, of course, but that's me making the soggy posts on the thread so far.) :)

While I am here, I noticed that Aquarian water becomes fire in some other traditions--thought that was interesting. And all this from a "sky" or "air" sign.

By the way, the main aspect of Aquarius is a wave. It has definitely manifested itself already as a wave -- electric and magnetic waves. Look at how electricity (and the Internet!) has taken over our lives.

Interesting point. If Aquarius is about waves and our egos are particles, what is going to happen to our consciousness(es) when Aquarius really kicks in?

Bing! We get a bigger, wider, more oceanic perspective, instead of the individual drop.


I reminded of how all material objects (including our physical and astral bodies) have been described as "lightening standing still". We may assume that communication between all of us will improve as a result of these changes.

It has also been said that many of us will become psychic in the next thousand years or so. This may indeed be a result of the age of Aquarius. I find the whole thing fascinating. (I sure could use a few free psychic readings that I can give for myself....)