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Hey there!

I've actually had this account for a LONG time, but I haven't been very active in a while. In fact I've been practically dead (lol, only a joke;))!

But I just remembered this place and thought I'd stop by and say hi. I see my Nephilim thread is STILL on the board in the Ancient Mythology forum....wow, never thought it would stay on the first page for about two years! I started that back in 2005.:D

Anyway, I just wrote an interesting novella and posted it on Writing.com (a website for authors, critics, and readers). The book features some major aspects about "student rights" and "student law".

The book is about a freshman who gets in trouble for mistakingly crossing the lines of the high school's ID policy. When trying to explain that he had no idea he couldn't purchase food with someone else's ID (even though he had that person's permission) another incident occurs and he leaves school that day (suspended for 2 weeks to find a student attorney) with bruises on his arm. The school has its own Student Court system in which students represent their fellow peers in a professional style court. The first-person narrorator (and student attorney) now has to lead a double-case to both defend and represent the accused Michael Simmons. But he can't lead a real law suit against the one who assualted him since he's not a real lawyer.

When I wrote this book I was very surprised with myself. I never actually realized how much I love suspenful writing and law. Anyway, just thought I'd come back here and say hi and share my accomplishments (not brag...just share:D).

God Bless

P.S. I've already started on my sequal.
WB, Rouge47 :)

I think you and I may have just missed each other coming and going (I've been here about 2 years). So, looking forward to your posts, and congratz on the book!

Thank you all for the welcome back:)


I guess I should have known you are one to write because of your username. What, may I ask, to you like to write?

I like suspense, mystery, action/adventure, and comedy.