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Due to the freedom of information act this must be made public, please highlight text below so as to subvert covert programming.

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Hi folks!! Never thought I would be talking to you all after so long. Anyway I'm sure you all want to know what the next 5 decades will bring you so I'l get straight to it.

First off, as I speak I dont actually have a body any more, (makes that "doo-doo" thread started by Juantoo3 in your yesterday kind of redundant :p ). When my arthritis got really too painful to bear any more, a year ago now, I decided to opt for Googlesofts Eternity program. Thus I had my 'self', not my body, uploaded into the worlds most powerful computer, Eternity. This is not a silicone based electronic antique like you are all using but a man made peice of what you know as superstring. It exists in the quantum matrix everywhere and nowhere at all times and none, hence my ability to post here now. Anyhow you will know that you too can soon opt for this program when Googlesoft moves it's Headquarters to Greenland.

Greenland!! YES!! Global Warming finished melting the Greenland Ice Sheet almost 20 years ago now with sometimes devastating consequences for coastal communities the world over. I wont laden you with any of the grusome details but rather I will tell you that by and large we coped with the changes. The doom-mongers were not all wrong, but neither were they right. Humankind reveals its best side when faced with a challenge, and boy did we rise!! Almost as much as the sea-level!! But I digress, Googlesoft moved there for a reason, because of something that was revealed when the ice melted.. but I think it best you wait and see what.

Upload into Eternity raises questions for most of you, no doubt, about God and Soul etc. Well all I can say is you are all right!! And you are all wrong!! But let me assure you of this.. look around you, from a tiny flower to the incomprehnsibly massive dance of a cluster of galaxies, everywhere everything is beautiful. This beauty is immutable.

In politics, funny its been years since I even used the word, things begin to change drasticly in 2020. The 2020 Vision at its inception paves the way for the abolition of national borders. It is a huge catastrophy that is the catalyst for this but out of it comes a unity of purpose for all mankind. Racial, cultural and religious differences continue to make a rich and valuable contribution to human society but no longer are they a cause for suspicion and division. The internet, and primarily the evolution of Googlesofts Uvote, and the common sense of the mass population are key to this shift.

There is only one army now, and its more of a squad than an army really. One of the first things the world voted unanimously for was the outlawing and destruction of all firearms and weapons systems. Only Amnesty now holds a small garrison of peacekeepers that have access to the worlds only remaining arsenal. And all these weapons though extremely effective are non-lethal. Even then I dont think they have been called into use for over 25 years.
The capacity for the type of mindless self-interest that that led to violence in your day has through gene therapy been erradicated. And not, as many might fear in 2007, with any loss of our essential humanity. We still get heated and angry when appropriate, we just never descend into barbarity any more.

Finaly, and my
real reason for breaking all the rules here in Eternity is that I am selling lottery numbers. For a small fee $50 or £25 deposited in a numbered high interest account in Beijing I will give you, in turn ,the winning lotto numbers for your chosen lottery. This offer is limited to one each. It is also the only way I am able to purchase the premium service I am now enjoying here in Eternity :p Please post your interest here :)

Well thats me out of space for now, which means out of time before the program notices I'm breaking the rules. So all of you... Dont Worry about tomorrow...its beautiful!!


P.S. I have put a selective masking glitch so the me thats in your time cannot see this post... please, dont tell him about it!!

Provided for the current thoroughbred and unaverage Tao Jones on an end justifies the means basis.
Omg!! This has me thoroughly confused....:confused:

What on earth are you on aboutt Wil?

What is the hidden bit all about?

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The text is in white? Simply click and drag..... What a pointless thread lol....
Whilst sitting in the recliner, nothin on the news but the media gathering sympathy viewers and ratings on others tragedy...

Someone finished the last beer in the fridge...and I can't drink that cheap wine left on the counter...

So pointless threads it is!

But as the trap was set and sprung on the most apropo unsuspecting viewer...no point in the pointless forest...'cept me chucklin from my recliner, and finding this coupon for a pizza place that delivers beer! One pie and a six pack of Augustinabrau and another of Dopplespaten and Celebrator and EKU 28...and then more contemplations on pointless threads...
See.... They don't do any of that here in England... Not that I drink so it isn't a problem... but your take aways do beer.... Your sports games do beer.... Hmm A few ice cold beers at a hockey game.... That would be awesome however.
LOL--nothing is ever pointless, wil. Remember Old Blevins??? :D

Never took you for a drinking man Wil, a smoking man, but not a drinking man.

hooold up, wait a minute.... I haven't taken national time in account.... Isn't it like 8am or something where you are? Drinking beer? 8am?

Yeah, that's hardcore, wil. Sounds like it was an all-night binge to boot. On a Thursday night? What's the occasion? 4/20?? You got the wrong substance, bro. :D

Yet it does put this thread into perspective. And gives me some hilarious visualizations of wil drunk as a skunk, throwing beer cans at the media, killing time by picking on Tao Equus with a very weird post.

Tune into the Twilight Zone, wil. Or watch the Wizard of Oz to Dark Side of the Moon. That'll kill a few hours. ;) :p :D

Whatever, enjoy your debauchery. :D

*Well, wil appears to be on the east coast, which would make it.. yep... about quarter 'til nine when he started these shenanigans. It's later now, but still before noon. Still drinking, wil?
Never took you for a drinking man Wil, a smoking man, but not a drinking man.

hooold up, wait a minute.... I haven't taken national time in account.... Isn't it like 8am or something where you are? Drinking beer? 8am?
No my addictive tendencies are not predjudicial we honored all varieties of vices equally in the long run...favored some in short bursts...but overall we indulged across the board.

I actually don't drink anymore...and don't drink anyless either...

Seriously, the sixpack I bought last August has left two beers in my fridge.

I used to be an alcoholic. People hate it when I say that. Starting in 3rd grade probably has something to do with it...I was drunk as a kid at most my cousins weddings.. We used to laugh at the checklists...do you drink alone (only when nobody else is there), do you drink when sad (duh) do you drink to forget (duh) do you drink to celebrate (duh) do you drink everyday (duh) do you drink to excess (yeah) have you ever experience black outs (can't remember)....every question was not only in the affirmative but to the ridiculous...benders for days, not coming home to my wife, drinking at work...buying alcohol or beer for the ride home...judging distance by how many sixpacks it took to travel there... I was bad.

I told them in drunk driving school it wasn't a social problem but an zoning issue...if you want us to quit drinking and driving quit putting parking spaces near bars. My third trip thru I asked the instructor if I passed this time could I legally drink and drive.

How did I quit....I didn't. It took me thirty years (age 8-38) to learn to count to two. Actually juggling was my saviour. I wanted to juggle, and while I could drive or operate heavy machinery on a sixpack, I could not juggle to my expectations on one beer! So if I were at a party and had an inclination to perform, I wouldn't ingest anything that would be detrimental to hand eye coordination until after the performance...which often left two drinks till the end of the party..and I was both able to drive home on one road, instead of in the middle of three...and remember the trip home ,rather then waking up in a stuper and looking out the window in hopes to see my car in the drive (always had to walk around it too, to check for any evidence of where I'd been.) That is if I woke up at home.

Thank G-d I lived through those years...2020 hindsight.

About 7 years ago I did quit for a year...but I got over it. I only drink good beer, good wine, good saki, good champaign, and good liquor...unless of course I mix it/dilute it with orange or tomato juice or something...then it is the bar brand...

8 am...yup I'll still drink at 8 am nothing like a bloody mary or a mimosa on vacation at breakfast....but that'll just be one...and I won't have another for few hours... On vacation or in isolated times I may drink every day....but at home in the normal mode 2 times a week is high....and never more than two a day...on travel, where all I have to do is push an elevator button to get to my room...I have been known to drink in excess still...but I can count AND REMMBER those times on one hand in the past decade.

Yup, I used to be an alcoholic, just like my dad....but I got better...for now...those latent tendencies are there thou...and whilst I've gone thru a bunch of legal shmeagle crap and thankfully have not only not succumb but the thought has hardly crossed my mind....hardly....

I did stop in a bar on my first Christmas eve without the kids (after divorce) went into an old favorite chinese restaraunt....didn't feel like sitting at a table, and headed for the bar. I odered a vodka gibson...and dinner. The owner stopped by and chatted...thoughtfully, knowingly, not asking about the kids or my wife. When my drink was done the bartender brought another drink...he asked if I wanted another later and I told him just the bill (I had learned to count to two)...he said there was no bill, and that Grace (the owner) had to leave, but wished me a Merry Christmas. Chinese bartender, chinese owner, Buddhist alter and symbols in the bar and not just for show...Another indication to me of how good G-d is, creating compassionate folks who care and giving me a second chance to be a better person.
As a Scotsman I suppose I really am a pathetic failure. Once when going through a hard time I attempted to be an alcaholic. But I cant drink when I wake up and for several days after if I wake up hungover.

I have some close freinds that are tho, infact some of my most loved freinds are/were slaves to the demon drink. Damned hard work.

I learned about the hair of the dog solution before high school, and the science of dehydration during high school...so hangovers were never really an issue.

I've got English, Scot, Irish and German in me....'spose I'm now puttin my ancestors to shame now...maybe I'll have a toddy for lunch...

Alcohol one can take it or leave it but as well as most the other substances...but if anything makes me reminisce on pointless threads its opiates...anyone with an addictive personality should stay far from them...
Yup, I used to be an alcoholic, just like my dad....but I got better...for now...those latent tendencies are there thou...and whilst I've gone thru a bunch of legal shmeagle crap and thankfully have not only not succumb but the thought has hardly crossed my mind....hardly....

I see, sorry If I made it sound a bit like you were a heavy drinker ;/

May I ask, what made you addicted? I mean, I see so many "typical" men that love a drink... be it one too many or just a few... But, I have never understood, it taste like shite... I couldn't see how it could be an addiction from enjoyment... But, then again I guess some would say weed taste bad and couldn't see how someone would smoke it for enjoyment.... nevermind I guess I answered my own question...
I see, sorry If I made it sound a bit like you were a heavy drinker ;/

May I ask, what made you addicted?

But, I have never understood, it taste like shite...
No worries my brother....much worse and much less deserved has been implied by others!

I think I must have the gene, I've got quite the addictive personality. Some folks say you have to hit bottom...I must have never hit bottom as it was never bad in my mind. Broke, unemployable, no place to hang your hat..in and out of trouble...criminal activity...when you are in it you can't see the problem...20/20 however...

Ah the taste...I remember once watching a gorgeous waitress bring me my drink. The bar must have been a hundred yards away..where I was sitting it was a clear shot of her ordering my drink and bringing it back. Her outfit was tantalizing, short skirt, deep neckline, tight fitting, and she filled it out in all the right places...I can tell you I was drooling as I watched her bring me my drink...that martini was beautiful, I couldn't take my eyes off it, and couldn't wait to taste it.