the 64 Yoginis

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    Jan 24, 2004
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    I search information about the 64 Yoginis.
    According to my information the 64 Yoginis are:

    1. Jaya
    2. Vijaya
    3. Jayanthi
    4. Aparajitha
    5. DivyaYogini
    6. MahaYogini
    7. Siddha Yogini
    8. Ganeshwara Yogini
    9. Predasini
    10. Dakini
    11. Kamala
    12. Kaalaratri
    13. Nisasari
    14. Dankarini
    15. Roudri
    16. Hoomkarini
    17. Urdvakesini
    18. Virupakshi
    19. Suklangi
    20. Narabhojini
    21. Patkari
    22. Virabadra
    23. Doomangi
    24. Kalakapriya
    25. Korarakthakshi
    26. Viswarupa
    27. Abhayankari
    28. Virakowmari
    29. Chandika
    30. Varahi
    31. Mundadarini
    32. Rakshasi
    33. Bhairavi
    34. Dwangshini
    35. Doomrangi
    36. Predavahini
    37. Katwangi
    38. Dirgalamboshti
    39. Maalini
    40. Matthayogini
    41. Kalini
    42. Chakrini
    43. Kangali
    44. Bhuvaneswari
    45. Chataki
    46. Mahamari
    47. Yamaduthi
    48. Karalini
    49. Kesini
    50. Marthini
    51. Romajanga
    52. Nivarini
    53. Visalini
    54. Kaarmuki
    55. Loli
    56. Adomuki
    57. Mundakradarini
    58. Vyakrini
    59. Kangkshini
    60. Predarupini
    61. Durjati
    62. Kori
    63. Karali
    64. Vishalambini

    Are these names correct?
    How do Kamala and Bhuvanesvari come in this group?
    Are they not rather Mahavidyas than Yoginis?
    What about Varahi, who usually belongs to the 8 Matrikas?

    I also heard about Yoginis especially worshipped in the Kaula Sampadaya, such as
    HrasvAjanghA, TalAjangha, ParalambOnI, KrostAmukhi, Dirghajangha and LambodarmukhI.
    Who are they?
    Why are they not included in the group of 64 Yoginis?

    Is there a connection between the 64 Yoginis and Indian astrology?

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    Nov 1, 2003
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    No need to know the list...

    If I may:

    Your Avatar was once tried by Vaj. No offense, just a friendly exchange of information.

    You are a Buddhist; so I think there is no need to know the list. Meditate on the nobles truths and the right paths to end suffering or its deliverance.

    About meditation, my observations are:

    Your meditation methods are good advice for staying calm and accepting things you can't change.

    But you are not facing the challenge of how to solve a problem which is real, like for example war, environmental pollution, drugs, etc.

    Maybe in being calm one can be more systematic, and logical, and scientific, and technolgical (which you don't advocate as explicitly and specifically, or maybe not even at all), we can solve the problems facing mankind today.

    Conclusion: Meditation is all right, your kind, if you have the systematic way of working out a problem, any problem, with logic, science, and technology. Of course being scientific is foremost being calm as a first step.

    Susma Rio Sep

  3. akka

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    Jan 24, 2004
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    I am NOT a Buddhist.
    The 64 Yoginis are important in Hindu Shakta Tantra.
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    just a quick note to say that I finally got around to resizing the avatar. Sorry about leaving it oversized on the server for so long. :)
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    Zdrastvuitsye, hola, shalom, salaam, Dia dhuit, namastar ji, hej, konnichiwa, squeak, meow, :wave:, akka.

    Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
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    id like to cross refrence to the I Ching see if they are similar to the 64 hexagrrams of that great book 999
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