Search for Self Called Off After 38 Years

Man, that guy was almost there. That much is clear from the article and the picture of him in Prague. He gave up too soon. :( Now he is doomed. Doomed to a life of sub-par snacking and constant re-programming for shopping trips, delivered to him via the commercial breaks in those Law & Order re-runs.

I just hope for his sake that he doesn't eat Keebler products in his couch adventures, lest he end up suffering even more through discovery of a dismembered elf finger--just like what happened recently to Ed Swaney of Pine Meadow, CA.
The real problem was he found himself and didn't like what he found.

Not unusual for anyone who decides to seek.

Tis an easy problem to solve, just dump the old self and create a new one.

Just don't expect it to be over, one needs to constantly take inventory and clean out that closet.