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I found this film online last night.

From what i understand it is an Islamic film about Mary.

Does anyone know anything about this film and how true it is to the Islamic account of Mary?
The film has rather a lot of artistic licence but does tell the story of Mariam (pbuh) (in English Mary) as told in the Quran. The full story, without artistic licence, can be found here:

Jesus and The Virgin Mary in Islam - By Juan Galvan

It says the film is in the Farsi language, which is the language of Persia (Iran) and whilst I do not speak Farsi it certainly does have arabic roots, so is likely to be a Muslim made film. However, Persia's official religion is the Shia sect of Islam, so whilst they also take their religion from the Quran, they have quite differing views in some matters to the other Muslim sects.

We muslims respect mother of Jesus (Isa) peace upon both of them very very much as Allah told us in Quran and our prophet told us about we does not make them in a film,,,they are blessed
but if Shea do that,,they represent themselves

Mariam (Mary) may be peace upon her, is a very dear person to Muslims--no matter how they declare themselves to be (Shia, Sunni, etc). It must be noted, that she is the only woman mentioned by name in the Holy Qur'an (I think) and the only woman's name that has a chapter of the Holy Qur'an named after her. Allah The Merciful blessed this woman with one of the greatest man in the world that ever existed and also explained her hardships and described in the Holy Qur'an how she escaped the punishment of the Jewish Law in the day (because she was accused by some people of adultery). Mariam pbuh was described as a true Muslim, very submissive and faithful, a person that trusted God AllMighty with her life, honor, everything. Just the way we all should be.