Baghdad Christians Find New Life in Kurdish North


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The 70 houses of this tiny village spring from the treeless, arid plain here in the northern tip of Iraq with the uniformity of an army camp.

Built over the past four years of war, they house Christian refugees from some of Baghdad’s most dangerous neighborhoods: Dora, New Baghdad and Mashtel.
There the residents did not know one another, busy with their city lives. Now a barber, a bank manager, a news anchor and an electrician are comrades in the misery of flight.

“We saw everything a human can see,” said Majida Hamo, a mother of four who came from Mashtel recently. “It was a kind of genocide killing.”

“We were saying to Jesus, ‘See us and save us.’ ”...CONT'D
Namaste Blazn, quite the story...

Living in the US insulated from the war accept what television and the internet brings prayers are with all Iraqi's wherever they may be, whatever religion they may be...that they re-establish a government and find a form of peace in their lives.