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Hello my fellow c-r.com afficianados.

Recently I've rekindled my interest in listening to podcasts. I tried once before but never really got into it, but earlier I was watching a video of a lecture by Prof. Jonathan Sarna about the history and future of American Judaism and realized what an excellent way it is to learn (and it's free! :D).

All of these podcasts are available through itunes and often also available from a website.

I just worked through the first two podcasts of Jung Podcasts. It's by a Zurich-trained Jungian Analytical Psychologist who I believe said he's practicing out of British Columbia but I could have that part wrong. #1 I think was done later, more of an intro to what will be covered in the podcasts. #2 gave an overview of the topographical model of the psyche and I think #3 focuses on that too. To help myself learn I'm taking notes. In future episodes the podcaster will be covering personality types, jungian dream interpretation, projection, shadow, anima, animus, and lots of other fun stuff. He's already recorded through episode 15. Avg length per cast is probably 30-40 minutes.

Grammar Girl's Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing is teh bestest and stuff. In 2-8 minutes she offers witty morsels of melt-in-your-mouth grammar advice. And those podcast titles! "Excessive Repetitive Redundancy, Comma Chameleon, 100 Proof. It's all fantastic. Avg length: 5 minutes.

The Awakened Heart Project for Jewish Meditation and Contemplative Judaism's podcast is pretty sweet too. They're uploading material from talks over retreats they've held and also have a contemplative shacharit podcast from a retreat. Avg length: varies greatly.

Other meditation related podcasts I've subscribed to but haven't checked out yet: Meditation Oasis and The Meditation Podcast. Along those lines is the Personal Growth Podcast which seems like it may be a bit too new agey for my tastes but I'll have to see.

The last thing I've been watching occasionally is the Self Psychology Podcast. It's a videocast that tackled a new issue in each episode, some issues being handled over two episodes. So far it's dealt with things ranging from jealousy to happiness to holiday blues to mindfulness to aging. I haven't really watched much of it but the one episode I did watch helped me to better conextualize what someone around me was going through. Avg length: 15 minutes.

There's a really neat part of the itunes store I'd like to check out called itunes U that seems to offer complete course lectures for free. MIT has courses up. Stanford, Concordia Seminary, UC Berkley, Duke, some other schools too.

Do you like any particular podcasts? Do you have a podcast you'd like to share?

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Come on, I'm sure someone must know what "podcasts" are!!!

Hey Snoop...don't take it personally. I know how difficult that can be, even when you drink organic coffee.

Daily, video and audio...Democracy Now ! News and political analysis featuring Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzales, a feature of Pacifica Radio from New York. I haven't missed many episodes in the last ten years. Very good quality program in its objectivity and currency. They are consistently weeks ahead of other news organization in coming up with significant stories regarding what's really going on. Available weekdays on many local radio and TV stations that feature liberal content. (There aren't many of these in the U.S. so the podcasts are your best bet ).

Weekly, audio...LeShow. Satirical news and cultural analysis by Harry Shearer, who also does the voice of Mr. Burns on the Simpson's show.
Produced and distributed by KCRW in Santa Monica, CA. Really well done and funny !