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What is the specific purpose of a Nazarite (Numbers 6)? I mean what is the purpose for the separation? Could anyone in ancient Israel be a Nazarite? Or today, for that matter?

I see at least two instances in the Tanach of Nazarites: Samson and Samuel. In Samson's case, it was an angel of the Lord that proclaimed to his parents that Samnaon would be separated to the Lord in the manner of an Nazarite. In Samuel's case, it was Hannah's vow to God that Samuel would live like a Nazarite. So is it something that one cannot decide on one's own, but must be dedicated toward by soemone else?

it's unfortunate that those are the only two examples of the nazir that we have because, based on the description of the laws of the nazir they seem to be exceptions to the rule whereas normally the individual would make a vow to be a nazir for a certain length of time. The actual importance of the nazir is a bit of a mystery but it seems to be someone who has set themselves aside for G!d for a certain period of time. I don't quite remember and BB can fill in the blanks but I think hazal actually didn't have the highest view of the nazir because the person is in need of extra restrictions that prevent them from, for example, drinking wine on Shabbos. For them if I'm remembering correctly it's more like the person is weak and wants the removable of all temptation, which is hardly what life is about.

A friend I had when I was going to a Jewish HS in the 9th grade was from Israel. In his community they used to take turns having one person who would be a nazir in the community. I think it went for a week or two weeks. The problematic thing about that is being unable to, say, go to a funeral.