Just for Lurkers...


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a figment of your imagination
I knew you'd look.

No not you lurkers, you regulars, I knew you had to open it...and I'm sure you'll insist on posting too.

But this thread is just for lurkers, you register, log in, and make one post to this thread and then go right back to lurking if you wish.

How long have you been lurking?

How long did it take you to find this thread?

What benefit has this site provided you as a lurker?

Now if you feel you won't be able to handle just one post...go ahead and avoid this thread and introduce yourself in the regular introduction bin....this thread is for those lurkers to just come in and make one post.

....and for all the regulars who will just do it because....
Och aye the noo gid folks!

A dinnae ken whit a shid bay tellin yaes, a hae ma hoose on the north east bit o the Isle oh Jura, whayr ah Mr Orwel hid tae write 1984. And lit mae tall yae all, its wissnae fiction!! BIG BROTHER IS WATCHIN!!!

Mr McLurk
Et tu Brute?

Big Brother is here....This is the way indeed, not a horse of a different color, or any new McLurker this time...just a combination of Chinese and Mexican beers Tsing _______ Dos ________

Still awaiting our first lurker to show up....the old hats are soooo predictable.