Is there spirits of any being's trying to contact me! help

Discussion in 'New Age' started by sag2008, Jul 24, 2007.

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    hello everyone. ever since i was little, my father taught me how to meditate as well as other family members at a really young age. I've had preminisions since i was little. then chose a religion and liked it very much. as i grew i've always had a 6 since of something happening before it would including many years prior to it happening or sometimes after meeting someone then a year or two later would vision seeing the person before ever knowing them. I've also learned or tavel in my mind quite frequently to places un heard of. now that i'am older my religion no longer exists. and i have a more open mind with experience now and my own self knowledge of learning. several times not alot but just several i've had experiences with meeting souls or spirits that i know do not know me but relay messages to their loved ones now yesterday it happened again. I want to make sure this one is real. It is to hard to explain to my loved one that his father is somehow cantacting me. not with a message or emergance but just there can anyone help please
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    Your experience is very interesting. In my religion, the dead/spirits of the dead are believed to only appear in the dreams. Anything outside the dream area are not from the dead, but rather from other creations of God Almighty.

    Now, you seem to have quite a unique experience. Maybe it would be easier if you told the person that you saw his loved one in a dream, and the message was relayed that way. Maybe the person would accept it easier.

    You seem to be very intuitive. I would continue to explore your gift for the good of all.

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    It may be helpful for you to explore Sri Aurobindo's concept of the intermediate zone. I am not saying your experience corresponds to it, just that it's probably worth reading about. There are other people and traditions that share similar ideas.

    -- Dauer

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