9th of Av


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What a fascinating day .... I read that the 9th of Av was the day of the destruction of the first temple, the destruction of the second temple,and is suppose to be the day of the birth of the Mosiach .... so much connected directly to the temple. I also read that "sinat chinam" (senseless hatred) which resulted from the separate factions (Jewish sources list 24 seperate factions at the time) was responsible for the destruction.

If the temple can be construed at existing both without and within (in two different realms, the physical and the spiritual) then the concept of 24 separate factions or "sinat chinam" would be important because it takes twelve pairs (or 24) to bring harmony back to the internal or spiritual system in order for the third temple to be rebuilt .... and this will happen when the Mosiach returns .... just a thought to share as I continue my studies .... return balance to the whole and we will find the land of milk and honey, the promised land .... what a joy to think of the possibilities .... aloha nui, poh