Flying while Muslim


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I travel quite a lot by air and have done for many years. One thing I have been very aware of since my conversion is the way I am treated with suspicion in airports now, even in Muslim countries. I have to say that all airports have respected my requests for a private area and female security person to search me, so I do feel respected in this way.

Prior to becoming a Muslim I had never been searched in my life but now I always arrive early as I just know I shall be taken through the security process. It is not a particularly unpleasant process, just someone checking my bags and a woman feeling through my clothes. However, I do feel very uncomfortable being singled out in front of everyone and worry about the firming of stereotypes for non Muslims watching.

Is this suspicion justified? How should we react? I would appreciate your thoughts.

I found this article, which is quite short but has some good tips if you plan to fly.

Flying While Muslim

i think, you just have to have sabr (patience) as Allah loves those who are patient, if you make a fuss about things to people, its gets nowhere really, its the government that sets these laws in motion, not the individual, and i thionk we just have to respect what the government wants to do, atleast when they search you and find you havent got anything 'suspicious' they'll start to see that islam doesnt do these types of things, and that it is too much harrasing people like this, like yourself, as we all know actions speak so much louder than words, look at the charcter of rasoolullah s.a.w, it turned peopel from the most fierce enemys of islam, to its biggest supporters.
I think I just worry about the impression it is giving people. I accept security is a real issue for everyone and I would rather be searched every time than for an extremist to have the opportunity to blow up a plane full of innocent people. But I do worry it is reinforcing the stereotype, although after yesterday arrests in Germany a quick search at the airport is a small price to pay for peoples security.

as you say, you know its not somehting you like, who is it that has caused this to happen to you, and many other muslims? its your own brothers and sisters!
the only thing we can do is fight, but not fight with out hand, or our tongues, but fight with out herats and our character, only when we make an effort, will peopel start to see the beautiful character of the prophet