Malika Oufkir


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Virginia Usa
Wow. I just read this amazing book called Stolen Lives : 20 years in a desert prison.
It is a personal account of Malika Oufkir (daughter of General Mohamed Oufkir) of her life in prison cell with her mother and siblings.
After a failed coup de tat attempt in 1972 to overthrow King Hassan II of Morrocco the family was sent to prison . General Oufkir was executed.

What bothers me is how long it took for the world to react to this. In one part of the story Malika and her younger brothers and sister escape from the prison Bir - Jdid.
Using only there hands and a few small utensils they dug a tunnel underneath the prison walls and escaped (briefly) to Tangier.
Keep in mind they had been secluded from the world for nearly 15 years. They tried a few embassies to give them political asylum. But they were only actually able to get into the Swedish embassy where the woman at the reception told them basically to get OUT.

This is crazy. Everyone knew of the oufkirs . How could this family be made to suffer for the actions of the father?
It was an amazing story and I highly recommend reading it. Also The prisoner (which I havent read yet) is an autobiography of Malika Oufkir.

Read that book; couldn't believe what they went through!; children an all! :eek: :(
I shall order the book today, thanks for the recommendation.

My first reaction is that governments wouldn't want to help the family in case they were seen as supporting the dead father. Just makes you wonder where the humanity has gone in the world. Just look at something like Darfur, where the world governments basically say 'you have 6 months to stop killing people or we shall give you a harsh telling off and extend the deadline'.