Why there is a gap between Bad deed and its fruit?


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Why there is a gap between Bad deed and its fruit?

Suffering is the fruit of our previous sin, but why Lord delay the suffering, which some times do not make the soul understand that it is because of the particular activity that he is now suffering, in that case he may still do the old sin again?

Ans) If there is a possibility of the change in the soul by immediate suffering of the sin, God certainly grants the punishment here itself immediately after the sin. When such hope is absent, God postpones the punishments so that his short span of life may be free so that one day or other he may digest the divine knowledge and transform. The human life is very short and also is very rare. Let this short human life be engaged in the service of God with out any disturbance.

If punishments are given immediately, no time is left to serve God and please Him. When the examinations are near and if a student is to be punished for a crime, a good principal postpones the enquiry to a day after the examinations so that the little time left over may be properly used. After the examinations the student has lot of time to face the enquiry and under go the punishment. This shows the kindness and best administration of the principal.