what happenned to the proposed health board?

Francis king

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I was of the opinion that the forum was going to start a health board, but can see no sign of one... what gives? maybe I missed summat..? no big rush on a reply... cheerio
I was under the impression that the answer went something like this.

Start the threads under science(allopathic?) or lounge (stds?) or a religion (laying of hands)...

and then if enough threads and conversation warrant the powers that be will harvest the threads from their various locations into a new forum...

that was my recollection....but maybe it was a flashback
Indeed - I think there were a few threads pointed out, but I'm a little slow to act partly because I have a huge workload offsite, and I'm about to make this bigger by starting to rebuild CR in general over the next few days. :)
Keep bumping this thread and I'll try and get that done this week. :)
Okay, *please* do list a set of potential useful threads by URLs beneath this post - that way I can create the Health board and add reasonably quickly move the threads in to populate it.
Okay, I've *finally* gotten around to doing this. :)

I've provisionally set it up in the Secular section - initial thought was the Lounge area, but I'm not sure how the board will develop. Can easily be moved as required.